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Picnic at Wononscopomuc Lake

June 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Molly, Colleen, Matt, Anne, Chris, Zach, Bella, Ross, Dallas, Martin, Janie, Adam :: Wononscopomuc Lake, Lakeville, CT

Wononscopomuc Lake, Lakeville, CT

Wononscopomuc Lake, Lakeville, CT

We were finishing hiking right around the time that the guys were finishing golfing so we decided to meet up with them for lunch. They ran and grabbed sandwiches, chips and drinks from the store and met us at Wononscopomuc Lake (also known as Lakeville Lake), the deepest lake in Connecticut. Molly and Janie are Hotchkiss School alum so they took us to that part of the lake, which was nice because there were only about 3 other people there. We sat around and ate our lunch and then went for a swim in the lake. There was a lot of boys throwing boys off the dock sort of shenanigans… which I was fine with, as long as no one was throwing me of the dock!

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