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September 20th, 2013 · No Comments


Hash is a new-ish restaurant that opened on Western in Wicker Park/Humboldt. Loden and I went a couple weeks ago to check it out. This restaurant specializes in hash – you know, chopped up meats and veggies fried up with potatoes and eggs and stuff like that. And Hash is Loden’s favorite, don’t you know!??! It’s a cute little restaurant, with lots of outside seating, though we didn’t take advantage because it was hot out. We ordered the counter and then sat ourselves at a small table inside.


Loden got the Pork Bubble and Squeak (Pork shoulder, sweet potatoes & brussel sprouts served with mustard cream sauce) and I got the Humboldt (Fried plantain, black beans, hominy, cilantro, chihuahua & your choice of chorizo or soyrizo served with salsa verde). I also added avocado for a buck, but never got it. Even when I went back up to the counter and told them and they said they’d bring it right out. Whatever. We both liked our food, but didn’t think it was like AMAZING.


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Who wore it best?

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Brunch at The Bongo Room & A Surprise Chicken Chase

July 18th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Stephanie and her bestie, her phone.

Banana and Heath Bar Chip Pancakes. Banana pancakes with heath bar bits and topped with warm praline cream and fresh bananas.

White Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Pancakes. White chocolate and caramel covered pretzel pancakes with crushed pretzel, white chocolate, and buttery caramel.


On Sunday before heading back to Wisconsin, Steph and I decided to get brunch. I thought it would be fun to go to Wicker Park and see a different neighborhood, so I suggested The Bongo Room. They’re known for their outrageously decadent pancakes and I thought Steph might like to try them. The wait to have brunch was more than an hour, but we spent most of the time walking around and checking out stores and little boutiques in Wicker Park.

The pancakes we ordered were really fantastic, but really rich! We ended up taking almost half of each home. Good to get back to The Bongo Room, though. I don’t think I’d been there since 2009!


Oh, and when we were walking in Logan Square to the train to go to Wicker Park, this chicken came out of nowhere and ran down the sidewalk behind us! So crazy!

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