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New Places Over the Weekend

January 14th, 2013 · No Comments


On Thursday, we had dinner with Adam, Christine, Todd, Kelly, Brian, Sara and Josh at City Winery. None of us had been here before (it’s been open for about 5 months) and our friends are really into wine, so they were definitely interested. City Winery has its house wine on tap and a long list. We drank the tap wine from carafes. Our friends who know said that the list was overpriced. Overall, we thought the food was good, but no one thought any of it was outstanding.



Scofflaw has been open in Logan Square for about 10 months, but I just made it over for the first time on Friday. I met Paul and Kate and Alden for fancy drinks (I had hot buttered rum) and some great food. I thought it was funny that the cocktail menu had a glossary! Loved the atmosphere, and we got there earlyish so getting a great spot to sit was no problem. Can’t wait to go back.


Frasca is not new by any means and I’ve been there many times, but not for a couple years! So, new in my mind recently. On Saturday we met friends for brunch and I ordered a cup of coffee and a small bloody mary and didn’t realize the bloody mary came with a baby beer chaser. I didn’t drink it, but the beverage lineup, along with a glass of water, made it look like I was going to be very hydrated. I also had a great omelette.


Market is not new, but I’d never been there. We went on Thursday before and after dinner at City Winery. The guys discovered that they have ping pong tables there, so we were back after brunch on Saturday to play. On both days, I had hot toddys.


On Saturday night I met Alden at the new Peruvian sports bar in Logan Square. It’s called Suite 25 and we were there to watch the Packer game. It’s only been open for about a month, so I was excited to check it out. We thought it was fine for the game. Plenty of TVs, one a projector. Lots of seating at the bar, a row of booths, and plenty of high tops. One sort of weird area with cheesy leather couches that look like they were purchased from one of those furniture stores on Milwaukee Ave, but whatever. Some dudes plopped down on it and seemed happy enough. I’d recommend leaving as soon as the game is over, especially if the game is ending at 10pm, because this strange DJ came on and played horrible music and people started coming in dressed like they were at a club. Even though the place was filled with sports fans and 20 TVs were playing Sports Center.

We had to get out of Suite 25, so we headed over to Boiler Room. Ok. This is definitely not new. And not new to me. But it’s where the night and the weekend ended. On Sunday, after visiting all these places all weekend, my butt barely left the couch!

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William J Cassidy Tire Company

June 17th, 2012 · No Comments

Always liked the look of this place.

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Girl & the Goat

February 1st, 2012 · 4 Comments

Dallas and I have been wanting to check out Girl and the Goat pretty much since it opened in the summer of 2010. If you haven’t heard of the restaurant, maybe you’ve heard of the chef/owner, Stephanie Izard, who is famous for winning the fourth season of Top Chef. From what we’d heard, Girl and the Goat is just slammed, like every single night, and is hard to get a reservation there. Every time we tried to go on Open Table and pick a date, it was never available. So, finally I just went on Open Table and figured out how far out you could reserve (three months). I picked a random Tuesday night and when three months passed we went.

Cute goat!

The goat appears all over the place. So cute.

This cute goat is all over their napkins, menus, cutting boards. I love it.

Dining room.

The dining room is really big. Like at least double what I was expecting. It’s moving and lively and LOUD. At some points Dallas and I were literally yelling at each other across the table. Other than that, I really liked it.

Rainier oysters special

The menu is divided into into sections for vegetables, seafood and meat. We tried to order off each of these sections, although you’ll see that our vegetable selection was actually a mushroom! Our server told us that the food comes out in smallish plates for sharing and she recommended that we order about two plates per person, not including the bread and oyster appetizer. We couldn’t settle on four so we did five. We started off with an oyster special. I don’t know what was in these, because it was the special of the day and I can’t look it up now, but they were SO delicious! And huge!

Bread with housemade butter and beer cheese.

Someone had told us ahead of time “don’t fill up on bread!,” which seemed like “duh!” but Girl and the Goat has 3 different breads every day that you can order. We got the one with the beer cheese spread. We liked it, but did comment that it’s not Rev‘s beer cheese (which we are so in love with we’d bathe in it).

pan fried duck tongues . shiitake mushroom . pickled watermelon rind . chili oil . coriander

To try something really different, we ordered the duck tongues. When they came out, it was more like salad-ish. Very light, with pieces of fried strips, which were the tongues. To me, they didn’t really taste like much, they tasted like “fried,” but Dallas couldn’t really get over the fact that they were little duck tongues. The day after we went to Girl and the Goat I said something about my stomach being upset and he said it was duck tongue karma!

grilled baby octopus . guanciale . wax beans . romano beans . radish . pistachio-lemon vinaigrette

Grilled octopus. Good. Light. It reminded me of the octopus we had at El Ideas except I remember the octopus at El being even more tender.

Hen of the woods mushroom ragout. sweet potato agnolotti . shroom creme fraiche . capers

The mushroom ragout is something that really stood out to me when we ordered. I don’t know why, but it was calling my name! Mushrooms, potatoes, creme fraiche, capers! What’s not to love? Well, this was the only dish of the night that I really did not like. There was some sauce that was really sweet and just overpowered everything. Dallas ate most of this dish.

smoked goat rilette empanadas . tuna aioli . celery . tomato salad

The empanada was good, but to be honest, we’re so spoiled by living next to El Nandu. We love their empanadas. If anyone is an empanada expert, let me ask this: Is there such thing as an Argentinean-style empanada? We love El Nandu’s style of making empanadas and are wondering if it’s the restaurant’s way of doing things or if that’s Argentinean style. They’re so light there. Not heavy or oily at all.

Everyone told us to get the pig face.

wood oven roasted pig face . sunny side egg . tamarind . cilantro . potato stix

Stir it up!

Everyone told us ahead of time to get the pig face. I actually remember when the restaurant opened and I looked at the menu online. Pig face. No thanks!!! I was imagining an actual face on a plate. What you really get is some patties made from pig… cheeks? jowl? Not sure. I think there’s just some novelty in actually saying and ordering “pig face.” Or server told us to stir it all up on the serving plate then dig in, so we did. I thought it was good. The patties are crisp on the outside and contrast well with the egg.

Dessert menu

Blue cheese from Westby, WI

chocolate-thai chili gelato . chocolate cake. peanut fluff . pomegranate . left hand milk stout

butternut malasadas . bourbon gelato . brown butter apples . hook’s cheddar

I was getting pretty full at this point, but the desserts looked so good, we had to give them a try. Dallas saw blue cheese on the dessert menu and had to get that first. It was pretty great. Then, in a complete roll reversal, Dallas went for the chocolate dessert and I got the fruity malasada. As Dallas took his first bite of gelato and dessert, his favorite Tears for Fears song came on and I think his eyes rolled back in his head a little. The dessert was that good. Or maybe it was the music! No really, this chocolate dessert was so delicious. The peanut fluff was more like peanut butter crispies and the pomegranate gave a nice freshness to the dish. The chocolate cake was so moist! As for my dessert, it was delicious as well. Probably the best malasadas I’ve had in Chicago. They were a bit more dense than those we get in Hawaii, but this might also be because they had cheddar cheese in the centers! Hats off to the pastry chef. The desserts were one of our favorite parts of our entire meal.

The Girl and the Goat was nominated for a James Beard award in 2011 for best new restaurant. Chef Stephanie Izard is in the Chicago news constantly, it seems. I thought the food was good. We definitely enjoyed our dinner and were glad we went. I just think it’s one of those things where there’s so much hype and build up (and a 3 month wait) that you’re expecting to be going to the moon and back! I would definitely go back and recommend it to others, but try to tune out all this hype!

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