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Saturday in Chicago with Stephanie

June 19th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Stephanie enjoying some hot Asian buns at Wow Bao.

We almost dropped!

Welcome to the Briar Street Theatre. Have a fruit rollup.

Last weekend Stephanie came to Chicago for a visit. I wasn’t sure what a 16-year-old would be interested in doing, but then I realized. .. duh. . shopping! We spent the day on Michigan Avenue. We hit H&M first because Steph had some money leftover on a gift card that I gave her for her birthday. After that we went to Wow Bao for lunch where we split a thai curry chicken bowl, 5 different flavors of bao, and hibiscus tea and lemonade. Wow Bao is in Water Tower Place and we spent about the next million hours in that mall going from store to store, before heading back out onto Michigan Avenue. We hit up a few more stores and then had a smoothie break at The Shops at North BridgeWhispers Coffee and Tea. And then we cabbed it home.

We rested for a bit at home because we had a big night coming up. We were going to see Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theatre. I took mom to see this show way back in 2007 and she loved it. I thought Steph would like it too.. and luckily she did. She laughed like crazy and was super into it. I’m so happy she had a great time.

What a fun day hanging out with Steph. Talks of high school, grades, drivers ed, jobs, and college, such a teenager now!

By the way, this is Steph’s 6th visit to Chicago. Check out previous visits:

2011: Trapeze School, Summer Sessions, Manicures
2010: Segway Tour, Tour de Fat, Summer Sessions, Skate Park
2009: Adler Planetarium, Cirque, Navy Pier
2008: Sears Tower, Millennium Park, Art Institute, Retro on Roscoe
2006: Shedd Aquarium

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M Burger

March 28th, 2012 · No Comments

I almost forgot that on Saturday we also ate at M Burger. Well, Misty and I did… Kelly and Tessa got something from another place in the food court in Water Tower Place. Which.. wow.. Tessa chose to have broccoli and cauliflower and a salad! I should have been eating that, but instead I indulged in a burger from M Burger. I always wanted to try this place, but never had a chance.

Misty and I both got the same thing: Doctor Betty. This is not listed on their regular menu and we both accidentally ordered off the M Burger secret menu. We saw the Nurse Betty burger (Tomato, Avocado, Pepper Jack) and when we went to order it were told there’s not actually a burger on it. It’s a vegetarian option. So when we asked if we could get it with a beef patty we were told that then it is called the Doctor Betty and then you are ordering off the secret menu. Also, Misty ordered hers with lettuce instead of a bun.

I thought the M Burger was alright. Something wasn’t hot enough. Maybe it was just the toppings, but it didn’t seem all that hot. I didn’t love it, but I’d give M Burger another try.. probably not this one in the bowels of the basement of the Water Tower, but there are several other locations in Chicago. I must say the chocolate shake was really tasty, though!

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Tessa Takes on Chicago

March 26th, 2012 · No Comments

Tessa’s first CTA ride.

Tessa going to the American Girl store.

Tessa at the American Girl Beauty Salon. Her doll has the red dress on.

Tessa with her doll, Rebecca (or Becky), after the doll’s hair was styled by the experts.

Tessa and Becky on the mega-tron inside American Girl.

Tessa with Woody, who is made of Legos.

Tessa with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups outside the Hershey’s store.

Weighing in at 5 pounds, this candy bar at the Hershey’s store was pretty difficult for Tessa to hold up!

Tessa was drawn to the horse-drawn carriages. She got to pet this horse.

Uh, she was also drawn to shoes in every store.

Kelly is in trouble with this one!

Such a diva!

She loved the tackiest, sparkliest, highest-heeled shoes!

Tessa’s first taxi ride. (She was talking on the phone to her dad and sisters.)

Over the weekend my cousin Kelly, her 6-year-old daughter Tessa, and friend Misty came from Green Bay to visit me in Chicago. Tessa got an American Girl doll for her birthday recently and wanted to visit the store to get some accessories and things for her doll. She had saved up her money and gift certificates and everything to do this!

To get to Water Tower Place, where American Girl is located, we took the Blue Line to the Red Line. This was Tessa’s first train ride in Chicago. She was born in Washington DC and I have been on the Metro with her there, but she was very young. I wondered if this was the first big-city mass-transit train ride she could remember and enjoy.

Once we got to Water Tower, Kelly and Tessa were kind of on their own. Instead of going to American Girl, I opted to get a relaxing manicure and pedicure and Misty decided to do some shopping on her own. We met back up and did some more shopping. Then picked up Tessa’s doll at the American Girl Beauty Salon where she was getting her ears pierced and her hair styled (I’m not even joking about this). Then we did more shopping. And then Kelly called me into the American Store again because Tessa’s photo was appearing on the big screen in the store! And then we did more shopping. And then we did more shopping. And then we went to dinner. Long day, but fun day! Tessa had a great time, I think we all did. We sure did crash when we got home, though! We had grand plans of wine for us and a bath in the jacuzzi for Tessa and we all ended up just going to bed!

The next day we made a trip to the Lincoln Park Whole Foods (3rd largest in the world) and then Kelly, Tessa and Misty were off for their long drive home. What a fun weekend! Thanks for visiting me, Tessa! (And Kelly and Misty.)

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