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Vo – Saigon Simple

August 6th, 2010 · 4 Comments

Remember Vella? It was under the Western Blue Line tracks where Belly Shack is now. Ever wonder what the owners are up to these days?

Well, one of Vella’s partners, Melissa Yen, is selling custom syrups to restaurants and will be launching a retail line in November. The other, Sara Voden, has teamed up with Geraldine Vo to create Vo, a Vietnamese spring roll stand that operates at the Logan Square farmers market. (Source: Dish)

I got spring rolls from Vo on a visit to the farmers market a few weeks ago and didn’t even realize it was put together by one of the Vella owners.

Spring rolls are available with organic chicken, lemongrass tofu, or shitake mushroom. They’re wrapped in rice paper with basil, mint, carrots, lettuce, and rice stick noodles. Then you can choose peanut or chili sauce to go with your spring rolls.

The spring rolls are made fresh to order. It takes longer, but at least they haven’t been sitting there premade out in the sun all day!

I ordered a Vietnamese iced coffee to drink while I waited.

I got the organic chicken spring rolls.

I was done with my farmers market shopping so I took my spring rolls home to eat. They were really good. Very fresh ingredients!

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Belly Shack

March 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

Belly Shack, Bucktown, Chicago

Belly Shack, Bucktown, Chicago

Belly Shack, Bucktown, Chicago

Brussels Sprouts & Chorizo (Seasonal Kimchi in the background) :: Belly Shack, Bucktown, Chicago

Tostones with Chimichurri Sauce :: Belly Shack, Bucktown, Chicago

Lemongrass Chicken with Peanut and Toasted Coconut :: Belly Shack, Bucktown, Chicago

Jess and I first went to Bill Kim‘s restaurant Urban Belly back in 2008. I really liked it so I was excited when I heard he was opening a new place withing walking distance of our condo, Belly Shack. But then I heard that Belly Shack would be Asian-Latino cuisine, combining his Korean culture with his wife, Yvonne’s, Puerto Rican culture (Read more about this creative combination in an interview with Bill Kim & Yvonne Cadiz-Kim). I must admit, the combination of Asian food and Latino food kind of put me off a bit. I love each separately, but how would you combine them?

A few weeks ago Dallas, Jess and I went to check out Belly Shack and you know what? I shouldn’t have been afraid. We all liked everything we tried. I still mourn for Vella a little bit, since Belly Shack took over its space, but I am happy to have this new addition.

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