Reflections on the 2002 Grammys

[Update: switched all their photos around so most of the links below are messed up now.]

Brittney Spears’ tight, spiral perm disgusts me.

– Still, the only thing I like about Bob Dylan is that his son is absolutely gorgeous.

– I love Jon Stewart. I hate Jon Stewart hosting the Grammys.

– My boy, Usher, won for best R&B song. It wasn’t shown. Apparently, it was at a previous ceremony. You had to never blink to see any of the Rap or R&B awards in the sidebar before commercial. How about cutting out some of the bullshit and showing the presentation of some of these awards!?

Mya is beautiful. Pink bugs. Christina Aguilera looks 40.

JC Chavez was wearing a $2 I Love NY tshirt.

– When the recording academy president, or whatever the hell he fancies himself to be, followed up his tribute to rock and roll life time achievers with a lecture to all of us bad people for downloading and ripping digital music files it made me want to puke. And throw things at the TV. And turn the show off. These suits are so utterly clueless about the future distribution of music. And it was so, so obvious that he’s in bed with the record companies and the RIAA. grrrrrrrr.. I was downloading files as I watched the show, so there, jackass!! I can’t wait for the mp3s of the live performances we saw tonight to be available online!

– It freaked me out to see Craig David looking all hip-hoppish and then opening his mouth and speaking with an English accent.

Nellie Furtado and Alicia Keys. The sweethearts of the award show. That these two have written songs and sung them with a talent way beyond their 20 years of life experience is amazing to me. When they get on the stage to accept their awards with “Cool!” and “This is the bomb!” we are reminded that they’re just kids.. extremely talented kids.

Janet Jackson has sick abs.

Celine Dion looked like a scrawny little crack whore. She retired. She’s been out of the game for years. She should not be in a front row seat. Go back to Canada, Celine, we hate you!

Do you think that maybe I’m just in a bad mood and over tired? Maybe. Maybe not.

Thanksgiving Alone

Thanksgiving Parade
Parade Route Sign, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Thanksgiving Parade
Boys 2 Men, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Thanksgiving Parade
Ronald McDonald Float, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Thanksgiving Parade
Usher, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Thanksgiving Parade
Curious George Float, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Thanksgiving Parade
Snoopy Float, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Thanksgiving Parade
Snoopy Float, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Thanksgiving Parade
Willard Scott, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

Happy Thanksgiving! I saw the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It went by on Broadway, 2 blocks from my house. Some parade things I’ve learned:

  • The night before the parade there is the "Big Balloon Blow-Up". You can go and see the giant balloons being inflated with helium. They put nets over them that are weighted down with sandbags. The balloons are enormous up close!
  • If you don’t want to learn to love hot coffee you should buy a hat, scarf and gloves before you go to see the parade. You’re going to be standing in 40-degree weather for 4 – 5 hours.
  • The parade starts at 77th Street and goes south down Central Park West and Broadway to 34th Street, where the Macy’s store is. That’s a long walk.
  • The Ronald McDonald balloon had a hole in it. In the arm. Not to worry, it seemed as though the balloons had several chambers so that if it was torn the entire balloon wouldn’t deflate.
  • I was watching the parade on Broadway between 49th and 50th. Sometimes the people directing and holding the ropes for the balloons would run through the intersection. A guy behind me said that it was because of crosswinds. I don’t know if that’s true or not.
  • The most cheers:
    Mayor Giuliani
    – The pooper scoopers who followed the horses
  • My favorite celebrity in the parade: USHER!

Thanksgiving Parade
Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving Parade, Midtown, Manhattan

I talked to Mom, Dad, Dick, Steph, Mark, AJ and Jeremy and got email from Nick (you all made me happy!) and then later on I ordered in Thanksgiving dinner and watched the Green Mile.