Hawaii Day 5: Makai’s First Aloha Shirt


When we woke up Dallas and his dad worked on the deck some more. This is getting repetitive, right? But the morning and evenings are the best times to work because it’s not so hot. You can see who the supervisors were. :)


When Makai took his morning nap, I ran to Hanapepe. My main reason to go was to stop at Talk Story, a bookstore I visited on our last trip that had some books on Kauai and written by Kauai authors that are not available on the Mainland. BUT FIRST…

I stopped at Little Fish Coffee. This is a cute little cafe that I would have liked to hang out at, if I had more time. They seemed to specialize in breakfast and lunch, but I think they are open until 5 p.m. daily. I got an iced coffee, which was especially delicious in the heat. And also because I’d been feeling SO coffee deprived with no coffee maker in the house and not being able to spot a coffee shop in Waimea (I found one later though!).

Across the street I browsed through the Banana Patch Studio, which is always fun. I got Makai a honu puzzle. A quick run through Aloha Spice Company.


At Jacqueline on Kauai I bought Makai his first aloha shirt. Jacqueline owns the shop and has her work station right there in the back. She specializes in custom men’s aloha shirts (made to order or free alterations) and uses her remnants to make boys shirts. We talked a bit and she knows Aunty Kathy. I couldn’t decide between the red, blue or orange print, but ended up with the blue in a size 12 months. I was a little nervous, but it fit perfect and Makai wore it to a party later that day. So glad Makai’s first aloha shirt was a special one hand-made on Kauai.

Finally, at the Talk Story bookstore I picked up a collection of short stories called Kauai Stories. These are stories written by the people of Kauai. I was talking to the owner for a while and he and his wife even had a story in the book! There was not too much of interest otherwise, not much I couldn’t get at home. I realized I’ve read a lot of the Hawaii/Kauai books and others just didn’t look good.


I had to stop again at Big Save to get some things for Makai. Then I went to Jo Jo’s for some shave ice. It’s totally nice inside now. Plain, but not like the shack it used to be. I talked with the woman working the shop and she said that they remodeled in November 2013. I asked her about the Jo Jo’s that popped up next to Big Save and she said that the original owner sold Jo Jo’s (the one we always go to and the original location) and opened a new one. It used to be on a side street (I’d been to that location once) and now it’s next to Big Save in Waimea. I got a #2 with mac nut ice cream and haupia cream on top. I brought the shave ice home and held it in front of Makai. He took a face dive in and grabbed it with his hands!

20140615-110928-40168114.jpg 20140615-110928-40168629.jpg

For dinner we went to Aunty Nancy and Uncle Bob’s house where Makai got to meet a lot of aunties and uncles and cousins. Dallas’s mom loves to show him off and all the aunties say how good he is. He eats some more poi.


At around 8 p.m. Dallas and I left for a little bit to go to Wrangler’s Steakhouse, where we met up with some of his old childhood Waimea friends, Trixie and Nick, and their friend Kaela. Nick travels the country and the world singing traditional Hawaiian songs and had performed at Wrangler’s earlier that night. We actually wanted him to sing at our wedding ceremony, but he was performing in Japan. You can find him on Spotify or iTunes (Nick Castillo). It was nice to finally meet him and Trixie after hearing so much about them through the years!

Down by the Lake


Aunty Peggy and Uncle Neil’s house in Michigan reminds me a lot of my parent’s house in Wisconsin. Both are situated up on a hill with the driveway coming into the front of the house. In the back, both houses walk out on the lower-level basement to a yard that slopes down to a body of water. At my parent’s house there’s a pond that is surrounded by thick woods and is home to a lot of wildlife. At Peggy & Neil’s there’s a lake with a small sandy shore and you can swim and boat.


Uncle Neil told me he’d just gotten more sand poured recently. The kids loved this. Tommy didn’t want to get wet or dirty. He told the other kids to get him buckets of water from the lake. Then he had them set the buckets down by him and so Tommy could dump them in the dump truck. Tommy is destined to manage the family business some day!


Naoko and Heather were up at the house making dinner for that night. Most of the other non-golfers were just lounging around. With the kids it was actually still relaxing. It was when all the golfers got home that things got loud and crazy.

Tommy, Aunty Peggy, Caroline, Kenji, Cory

Aunty Laura, Aunty Glenna, Caroline, Tommy, Kate

Kenji was lounging too. This is a rare moment for him. Usually he screams bloody murder when he is not by his mom, Naoko. And not just by her, she has to hold him. It’s worse when he can see or hear her and she’s not holding him.


This is Trixie:


She loves to do this:


And remember Tommy? Who didn’t want to get wet? Trixie did this to him.


We all saw it coming, but Tommy was shocked. Then he started to giggle.

Wicker Park Trixies?

Urban Outfitters, Wicker Park, Chicago

It looks like the Wicker Park Urban Outfitters that everyone is siting as the death of the neighborhood is finally open. Not saying I exactly share that view, it’s just strange that they’ve pinned it on this place, and have ignored the fancy boutiques and other chains (American Apparel, anyone?) that have been moving in and have been there for years.