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Andy and Katie’s Wedding Reception

July 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

Andy and Katie got married last month on Maui. It was a intimate wedding, with only family and close, close friends attending. When they returned to Chicago they threw a big reception for all of their family and friends at Tavern at the Park. It was about 100 degrees outside (what else is new lately) and I might have realized that hydrating with cold white wine may not have been the best idea. Dallas and I had a great time with them celebrating their wedding, nonetheless!

At the end of the reception, a few of us headed up to the rooftop. This is Tavern at the Park’s “treehouse.” It was still hot but not as broiling as it had been all day. We enjoyed a few fancy cocktails while taking in the views of the city. After a couple drinks, you get a bit dizzy staring up at the skyscrapers around you!

Next we headed to The Gage, which was just around the corner from Tavern at the Park. I don’t know why, but I was mesmerized by the lights behind the bar. They were changing color…woooooo. Crazy.

Finally, we met up with Josh, Marty and Todd at Hub 51. One funny photo here. I went to the women’s restroom and found out that they have TV monitors in there that show what’s going on in the bar. One of the cameras was pointed exactly at our table so it was like a husband spy-cam. Hmmm… what is Dallas up to while I’m waiting in line for the can?

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Celebrating FeedBurner

June 2nd, 2007 · 1 Comment

Dick Making a Toast
Dick Making a Toast Roast :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Brent, Dick, Eric, Jake
Brent, Dick, Eric, Jake :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Steve :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Dinner Time!
Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Ed Facing the Opposite Way as the Pinata :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Joe :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Joe & paulbaker
Joe & paulbaker :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Giuliana, Jessica, Rachelle, Traci
The Ladies of FeedBurner are Giuliana, Jessica, Rachelle, Traci :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

Rick, Eric, Matt
Rick, Eric, Matt :: Carnivale, Fulton Market, Chicago

This was our last night out as FeedBurner. We rented some space at Carnivale and gorged ourselves on Latin food and drinks. Dick toasted each employee. The toasts started out completely proper and nice but by the end of the night they were more like roasts! The party was fun and everyone is excited for the future, but there was still that twinge of sadness that our little group is all grown up.

Later on we went to Carol’s Pub because it was Thursday and that means karaoke at Carol’s! paulbaker wrote my name down for a song, but luckily I escaped around 1 a.m. before my turn came up.

The rest of my photos from the night are on FeedBurner’s Flickr photostream.

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