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Weekend Birthdays

April 17th, 2012 · No Comments

This past weekend we went to two very different birthday parties, one for Damian and one for Quinn.

The first party was on Friday night and for Damian’s 30-something-ith birthday. We all went out for a fancy steak dinner at Three Forks.. or 3 Forks… or III Forks.. I don’t know. I’ve seen it all of these ways. This is a steakhouse that originated out of Texas and the Chicago location is located just east of Michigan Avenue, north of Randolph, south of the river and west of the lake. What is that area called? I’m not sure. But… Roundarch is moving there at the end of the month so it was sort of nice to check it out.

Anyway… Three Forks is really modern inside. Lots of glass and contemporary fixtures. We started out on their roof deck to drink cocktails while we waited for everyone to arrive. The roof was really cool, and if Three Forks wasn’t so out of the way, I could see going here just to get drinks. Then again, with our new office so close and the summer months approaching, maybe that will happen in the near future.

When everyone arrived we were seated in their huge dining room. But we were in this separate kind of area with a big long table that all 11 of us could sit at and be away from the masses. Pretty cool. The service was fantastic, I have to say, and the food was great too. Dallas is always very disappointed in me when we go to steakhouses because I end up ordering fish, but this time I chowed down on a petit filet. It was so good! Also winners were the cheesy potatoes (6 different kinds of cheeses!) and the super-rich cream corn. Really delicious. And, actually, not as expensive as I thought it would be. Definitely, a special-night-out kind of dinner, but not too bad to break the bank… like some steakhouses in the city can be.

Afterwards, a lot of people headed out, but I was tired so I headed home. Happy birthday, Damian!

On Sunday we went to Quinn’s 5th birthday party. Like last year, he had a party at a kid’s gym with all of his classmates and friends and then he had an “after party” at the Village Tap so all the kids could eat and also so all of his adult friends could join in celebrating. Half of the entire garden area was filled with Quinn’s friends. What a popular boy!

Last year Quinn was way into superheroes, but the end of last year and all of this year has been Star Wars, specifically the bad guy, General Grievous. I think Grievous is not well-liked by kids because there are hardly any toys and things even made with this character! I knew Quinn would get a ton of toys from the kids, but we always get him something small. After much searching, I found a crossover Transformers toy that converts from General Grievous to the Grievous Starfighter. Quinn thought it was pretty cool (I think)! He did yell “awesome!” and then run around to show it to all of his friends, so that is good. The Star Wars fascination has been pretty funny. I especially like it when he’s horsing around with Dallas or Trent and is losing and tries to use “the force” to win!

We ate dinner at the Tap and caught up with a lot of friends, some who we hadn’t seen for a long time. Fun party! Happy birthday, Quinn! I can’t believe you’re 5 already!

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