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Koloa Rum

October 24th, 2012 · No Comments

On our interisland flight to Kauai we saw an ad for Koloa Rum which said it was distilled and bottled on Kauai. Really? This was news to us! When we were driving from the airport to our rental house, we passed right by the tasting room and got really interested. We didn’t have time to actually visit the tasting room, but we bought a bottle of the spiced rum (also available are dark, white and gold) at Big Save. We liked it enough that I wanted to take some back with me. Instead I looked online to see where I could order it, and guess what? Binny’s in Chicago carries it, and not only that, it is served at The Whistler, Boiler Room and Scofflaw right in our neighborhood!

I’ve been reading up on Koloa Rum on The Rum Collective and Booze Blogger and am excited to get some to drink here in Chicago!

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Out for Dallas’s Birthday

December 11th, 2011 · No Comments

This year for Dallas’s birthday we sort of hopped around a bit. A lot of people had a bunch of plans, holiday parties, etc. so we wanted them to be able to meet up with us whnever they could.

We started out at The Whistler, nearby our condo, in Logan Square. This was the 3rd year in a row that we started off Dallas’s birthday at The Whistler! (See 2010, 2009). Brian was especially happy about this, since The Whistler is a little out of his sphere, but he’s enjoyed his yearly trip there for Dallas’s birthday.

After the Whistler we headed up to Roscoe Village to our favorite, The Village Tap. I’d emailed with the owner, Mike, and our favorite waitress, Carolyn, ahead of time to make sure they could reserve some space for us in the back. We had a great turn out here. Quinn came early on and sang Dallas the birthday song and made him a gingerbread man decoration. (Somewhere around 2 am I reached into my purse and accidentally ripped this guy’s leg off, but that can be taped!) We probably had 20+ people, coming and going. Not too shabby. We had dinner, some drinks, and at least 2 rounds of Irish Car Bombs. A typical night at The Tap.

Finally, we went back to Logan Square to a newer late-night bar called The Owl. I’d been really wanting to visit this place since it opened. Aside from a dramatic incident of someone getting thrown out and then someone else having to pay a bribe to get us back in, I thought it was a cool place. I don’t know if I can brush these shenanigans aside to want to go back though. It was not dealt with in a very good way and the guy at the door was just being a total jerk. But we had fun here. A bunch of people that had plans earlier in the night met up with us here for some late-night drinks. I think Dallas and I left around 2:30 a.m. or so. I was just getting over a cold and lost my voice, so I had to go.

Overall, a successful birthday celebration! Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a fun night.

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Elevation at Logan Square Auditorium

February 9th, 2011 · No Comments

Elevation, Logan Square, Chicago

This disaster of a photo is Fake Bono on Mike Dunlay’s shoulders

Last weekend we met up with friends at Rocking Horse for dinner and then went over to Dunlay’s on the Square for a drink. One of our friends, Josh, owns a few popular restaurants in Chicago. One of his business partners is Mike Dunlay and it was his birthday, which is why we were out. After a drink at Dunlay’s on the Square we headed up to the Logan Square Auditorium where Mike had hired a popular U2 cover band called Elevation to play for the party. It was so much fun! And nice that we were just blocks from our house.

After the party, we wanted to go to Bonny’s, but it and The Whistler both had massive lines out the door. We stopped over at Cole’s, but it was super packed and sweaty. We had one drink and left. And then one more at Logan Bar and Grill, which was not busy or hard to get into.

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