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Lunch @ Aria for Restaurant Week

February 4th, 2015 · No Comments







Last week we went to Aria for lunch for Restaurant Week. My coworkers and I were over there a couple years ago for Restaurant Week and I think I liked the food better this time. The onion soup was SO good.. I was talking about it at home and Dallas ended up making soup for us at home.. so I scored twice on that!

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e.a.t. spots

January 21st, 2015 · No Comments








e.a.t. spots opened up in late summer last year and I finally took the time to visit in the fall. I know this is a way past due post :) . Ken and Dave, a couple guys I’ve worked with, worked on this new concept. They took old newsstands and turned them convient spots to grab healthy food. e.a.t. stands for education, agriculture and technology. As well, they employ people who are at risk for homelessness. All “feel good” things!

What I like was that the food was tasty. It was all organic and healthy and freshly prepared. And it was not very expensive. Becky and I split 3 salads for $10. And we were full. e.a.t. spots has many good breakfast options as well as lunch options. They’re located in 4 different places in The Loop. Check it out!

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American Victorian Stained Glass Windows at Macy’s Pedway

January 15th, 2015 · No Comments

This was pretty much my first and last Hyperlapse video (from several months back). It’s an exhibit of American Victorian Stained Glass Windows that is in the pedway outsie of Macy’s. This stretch of the pedway is probably the most dreary of my commute, so the beautiful windows are much appreciated. Some day I’ll stop and really look at them.

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