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Hamura’s Saimin Stand

March 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

On our last day on Kauai we packed all of our stuff up and checked out of our house. I went to the Poipu Shopping Village with Matt and Ross for a bit. Then we headed over to the Makahuena where Dallas’s parents and sister were staying. We had to sort out some financials with our wedding gifts so we weren’t carrying around a bunch of stuff for the rest of our trip. From there we headed into Lihue. Caroline, Tammy and I stopped at the bank and then at Hilo Hattie for some gifts. After that we met up with Ross, Matt, Jordan and Dallas at Hamura’s Saimin Stand.

Hamura’s is a hole-in-the-wall kind of place on a back street of Lihue that is popular with the locals. It’s nothing to look at inside, just a big menu on the wall and u-shaped counter seating. Dallas has been telling me they have the best saimin on the planet for the entire time I’ve known him. Dallas has been to Hamura’s on visits back to Kauai but for some reason I’ve never been there before this trip.

I ordered a wonton saimin.

Dallas ordered the extra large special saimin, that had the works.

We also passed around and shared crispy wontons, shrimp tempura and barbecue sticks of chicken and beef.

This saimin was so delicious! And so filling.

I heard that Hamura’s is also known for their lilikoi chiffon pie, so even though we were all stuffed to the max, I had to order a slice just to try. I mean, who knows when I’d be back! I thought the pie was good and so light and fluffy, but not like amazing. Maybe it’s because I was already so full, but I’d say stick with the saimin! You cannot go wrong. SO good.

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Whale-Watching Oscars Barbecue

March 21st, 2011 · 2 Comments

Name three things you never thought would go together: Whale-watching, Oscars, barbecue! Ha.

Ging, Damien, Billy (Photo by Rob)

(Photo by Rob)

Damien (Photo by Rob)

Jordan & Liz (Photo by Jen)

Cousin, Loden, Brian (Photo by Rob)

Dallas (Photo by Rob)

Cliff Jumping (Photo by Jen)

Ross (Photo by Rob)

Brian & Jill (Photo by Kristin)

If I back up just a little bit, though, when we got back from breakfast a bunch of people had gone to Shipwreck Beach. Dallas and some others left to join them, but since we’d told people to stop by the house on Sunday, I thought I should stay there. Kristin and I sat around by the pool. I took a nap on a float. After a while, it was clear that no one was stopping by until later. I blame this on hangovers! So, Kristin and I went to Shipwrecks for a while too. I had fun playing in the surf with Brian and Chad and Jill for about an hour.

Tien, Pina Colada Master

Cousin, Dad & Dallas Grilling

Dallas, Josh & Tweeny Grilling

Richard & Amanda

Richard & Rachelle

Todd, Kelly, Damian, Vanessa, Sara, Brian, Adam, Christine, Trevor, Kate

Todd & Kelly

Such a pretty sunset!

One last sunset shot, this one taken in the same spot a few days earlier. (Photo by Kristin)

When we came home friends began coming over to hang out. Some just stopped by on their way out of town or on the way to other plans. We had a big barbecue to try to eat up our leftover food and drinks. It was a task we were not up for! We sat out on the lanai and watched whales while eating dinner. There was a beautiful sunset that night and I found a bunch of our friends across the street watching the beautiful show. Also, the Oscars were on (on a time delay) so some people were having fun watching who won. This was our last day on Kauai, so it was nice to hang out with everyone one last time.

Watching the Oscars

Watching the Oscars

Josh & Tweeny watching basketball

Paul, Kate, Caroline, Cory, Tammy, Chris, Dallas

Party Slippers

Cory & Kathy

Dallas, Danny & Chris

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Wedding After Party

March 20th, 2011 · No Comments

Since the wedding ended pretty early (10 p.m.), people headed back to Ho’Onani Estates for an after party. At the wedding everyone was happy and having a great time. We were drinking but no one got so drunk that they did anything crazy or embarassing. I can’t say the same is true for the after party! There was a wrestling match, drinking games, made up games, people falling asleep, people falling down, madness! I won’t really get into the details of the party, since it would be embarassing to everyone, but a good time was had. Most people left and I went to bed finally at about 3:30 a.m.!

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