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Holiday Weekend at the Lake House

July 6th, 2013 · No Comments

Patriotic Fourth of July tractor parade.

All-American barbecue (with Kimchi in the middle).

Christine’s Fourth of July cake.

Wally wearing his new tie.


Pugs Not Drugs: Mike & Bernie.

Dallas made all-American Korean tacos for our Fourth of July lunch.

Relaxing morning overlooking the lake.

Piggly Wiggly.

Bros playing pong.

Ribs on the dock!

Kelly posing at dinner at 45 North Barn & Grill.

For the Fourth of July we decided to stay close to home and go to our friends’ lake house, which is about an hour away from Chicago. I think about 11 friends were staying at the house, along with their 6 dogs. We grilled out every day and only went out for dinner one night. I was surprisingly good at garage darts, which I haven’t played for a year? years? The guys played a lot of ping pong. Mostly we relaxed around the house.

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Big Star

December 16th, 2011 · 5 Comments

I tried to go to Big Star once when it first opened and basically we walked in looked around and walked out. The place was packed and we didn’t feel like waiting for a table. What a scene! Dallas kept reminding me that they do have a window where you can just walk up and order tacos to go, but I was never around there at the right time. Meanwhile, he’d go late at night and bring tacos home to eat while I was sleeping in bed! And all I’d get in the morning was a stupid chicken lollipop.

Since it’s been open for a couple years now, it’s not quite so crazy. Jess and I went once over the summer and got tacos at the window and ate them at their picnic tables before the Mr. Skin party. Another time I went when Sara got laid off (sad face). She had about 20 friends there that night and we were able to get two booths next to each other without much problem or wait.

And? To be honest, I think I enjoy the tacos at our taqueria better, but Big Star definitely has a better atmosphere. I guess that’s what you’re paying for there. That and to be seen!

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FeedBurner Reunion

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Adil, Tom, Alden, Traci, Eric L., Eric O., Charley, Jessie, Giuliana, Paul Baker, Chris, Joe, Jon

Chris wore his FeedBurner bike hat for the special occasion.

Sorry, everyone! I forgot to post these photos that I promised I’d post weeks ago. The night before Dallas and I left for Connecticut, I went to a FeedBurner reunion party at De Cero. About 13 of us made it out. We expected more, but it was a busy week for many people. A lot of people who were there I’d seen often at the Google office. Others, I hadn’t seen for a long time, more than a year. Enough time for Adil to have a baby even! As per the FeedBurner tradition, we ordered a ton of guacamole and platters of assorted tacos. It was a fun time and something we’ll have to repeat.

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