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Summer Sessions on the Square

June 25th, 2012 · No Comments

On Saturday we invited some friends to join us for Summer Sessions on the Square. This free event happens on the last Saturday of each month, all summer long. Everyone gathers at Logan Square and bands play while everyone lounges around picnicking and drinking, kind of like Ravinia Light. It’s very family friendly and always has a great turn out. On Saturday Jen, Chad, Quinn, Loden, Trent, Jill and Ed joined Dallas and I on the square. After the music ended we all headed to Ed’s house, because he only lives a block away. Such a fun, relaxing night. Though, I did drink waaaaay to much wine. I was definitely paying for that on Sunday! Still, I’d do it again! :)

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Logan Square Comfort Station Puppet Show

July 1st, 2011 · No Comments

Last Saturday we were pretty tired after our trapeze class. We came home, washed up a bit, got Dallas and headed to dinner at Buona Terra. This is a great restaurant in Logan Square that we overlook all the time. I’ve only been there once and this was Dallas’s first visit. It was so delicious. Dallas had a osso bucco special of the day, Steph had a squash ravioli with browned butter and sage sauce, and I had pasta with prosciutto, mushrooms, green peas and parmesan. So delicious. If we’re not back here soon, I’ll be disappointed. Oh, we also split mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto and grilled. ZOMG! Go here. You won’t be disappointed.

After dinner, Dallas went home and Steph and I headed to Summer Sessions on the Square. I was still pretty tired, especially after eating a bowl of pasta, but Summer Sessions is relaxing, so I was all for it. On the square we met up with Sara, Jessica, and Alden. We all sat on some sheets, enjoyed some wine (not Steph!) and listened to the bands. I love doing this in my neighborhood in the summer and hope to do it more this summer than I did last summer. Actually, last year when Steph was visiting we went to Summer Sessions too. I’m glad she likes it.

Here’s what was different this year. This year as the bands wrapped up and the sun set and it was dark, everyone on the lawn swiveled around. Behind us, across 4 lanes of traffic we could see the Logan Square Comfort Station. And in the window of that building, Manual Cinema performed a unique puppet show called “The Ballad of Lula del Ray.” This was no ordinary puppet show, though. It was performed with light and shadow and paper cut outs and an overhead projector. And music. It was so neat! Here is a trailer for the show, if you want to get a feeling for how it went.

Can’t wait to see what is planned for the next Summer Sessions on the Square show!

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Painting for Unity Park

July 2nd, 2010 · 1 Comment

At Summer Sessions on the Square there was an area with a few tables set up and it looked like people were painting. We went over to see what was going on and found out it was a fun charity project. They were handing out paints and canvasses for free. You could paint whatever you wanted. At the end you could either keep your painting or donate it. They’d then try to sell the painting and if it sells you get 50% of the profit and 50% goes to a fund to help Unity Park in Logan Square. I didn’t see anyone keeping their paintings, so hopefully they raise a lot of money!

Steph and Jess decided to get in on the painting action and made some really cool square canvas art.

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