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Title Town: It Ain’t In Pittsburgh, Fool!

January 11th, 2012 · No Comments

My coworker, Dan, is a huge Steelers fan. Since the Packers beat the Steelers in the Superbowl last year, I sneakily put this picture on his desk before this year’s NFL season started. It says “Title Town: It Ain’t in Pittsburgh, Fool!” I thought it would be on his desk for so long before he even noticed. But my other coworker, Ashanth, had to go and tell him right away that it was there! I was so mad. To be a good sport, Dan said he would keep the picture up on his desk until the Packers lost their first game……

….. Little did he realize that it would be MONTHS without a loss. It got to a point where Dan, again being a great sport, said “If the Packers go undefeated I will get this shirt and wear it!”

I noticed that on Black Friday the shirt went on sale for about $10, so I ordered it just in case. I ordered an XL and was told that they were all out, that they only had size L. Dang! I emailled back and told the story, and I don’t know if it was a mistake, or if the company was trying to be nice, but a few days later I got a Size L shirt and then a few days after that I got a size XL in the mail. Perfect!! The Packers were going undefeated and now we both had shirts to wear!

And then we lost. On December 18 to the Kansas City Chiefs. To be a good sport, I came in on Monday and changed into the shirt. And waited. And Dan didn’t come in! Finally I emailled him and found out that he was working offsite. I came in the next day and did the same exact thing only to find out he’d be gone for the rest of the year!

Finally, last week, before any playoff games, we got together and took a few photos with the shirt. Dan ceremoniously removed the picture from his desk. I’m not sure why, but Dan did his best Clay Matthews post and Aaron Rogers championship belt poses (discount double check!).

Sadly for Dan, the Steelers lost and are out of the running. Packers play the Giants this weekend. Cross your fingers!

Javeed took these photos and even a short video:

At then end Tony had to swoop in and drop the hate. Bears fans, stink!

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Superbowl XLV – We Are The Champions!

February 7th, 2011 · No Comments

This year for the Superbowl my brother came down to visit and to go to Trent and Loden’s house for their party. For a half a second after we beat the Bears in the last game, I thought maybe Dallas and I should host a Superbowl party, but we’re leaving for Hawaii next week (!!!!) and we quickly came to our senses about the timing of that. We have enough plans and money and everything to worry about, no need to pile on a Superbowl party! We’d gone to Trent and Loden’s Superbowl party last year, though, and it was a lot of fun, so no need to worry. I knew they’d do it right. Actually, Dallas wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed home. Danny and Caroline came and picked my brother and I up and we were off.

I was surprised when we arrived because I didn’t know that Trent’s friend Andy was a Packers fan from Wisconsin! Limey was nice enough to take a photo of all the Packers fans together.

Caroline, Andy, Richard, Rachelle

Not a bad showing for a Superbowl party in Chicago!

Another great part of having parties at Trent and Loden’s house: They have a kegerator in their dining room! Yesterday Trent had Brooklyn Lager and Founders IPA on tap and it was awesome. I didn’t think I was going to drink on Sunday because of the weekend I had (more on that later), but the Brooklyn Lager was delicious.

Loden always makes such delicious food! This photo is of one of her specialties: Chocolate covered bacon! We also had pulled pork, mac & cheese, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, and taco dip that had crack in it. It had to be crack. So addictive. Ed also brought his famous S’Mores dessert. Loden’s friend Mike made this appetizer dip that was basically a vat of bubbling hot cheese. Of course, this made it onto the coffee table that the Packers fans were sitting around… along with a big bowl of cheese curds that my brother brought from Wisconsin. If that’s not enough, someone may have pushed off the tortilla chips and used cheese curds to dip into the hot cheese dip! Hey, we’re from Wisconsin. What can we say? We like cheese and cheese on cheese! (I have a photo of this somewhere, but I forgot to upload it.)

Loden asked me to bring dessert and I thought a long time about what kind of green and gold dessert or football-themed dessert to bring. I originally wanted to make football-shaped brownies, but couldn’t find a football cookie cutter without running around all over town. I ended up with these:

The colors are not quite right, but close enough. These were Zesty Lemon Bars and Lime Squares. I actually had to make the lemon bars twice because the first batch did not turn out. I used this recipe first. I should have known to never stray from Martha!

Charlie is Trent and Loden’s dog. He’s so nice and lovable. He is a Cockapoo. So soft and snuggly, he’s a huge baby. But so chill. Nothing phases him. Not even when his “sister,” Sugar Bear, gets out and wanders around the house:

Anyway, the game! OMG what a great game! This is the first Superbowl in a long time that I actually cared who won! Everyone was nice enough to let the Packers fans sit on the couch at the TV and watch the game. Other were mingling and eating snacks. A bunch of my friends were at first cheering so hard against the Packers, but eventually they just started cheering for their numbers. Dallas wasn’t even there and he won $200 in a Guthrie’s pool! Trent and Limey were also betting on everything. Who will score next, the next play will be a pass or not, who will fumble next, etc. I guess that’s what you have to do when you don’t care about the game. Limey did not come out ahead on all those bets!

I’m so happy the Packers won, I think it’s still sinking in! Packers are the Superbowl champions!

One more thing. I made a bet with Sean, an old NY blogging friend who is a huge Steelers fan. When I emailled him to “pay up,” he told me his wife gave birth to their baby boy yesterday! Their first born. What a gracious loser. He’s already posted to his blog!

I bet this is the last time he makes this sort of bet with someone who can do a bit of Photoshopping! hahahha

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Franco Harris at Sunflower Market

August 29th, 2006 · 10 Comments

James, Franco, Rachelle :: Sunflower Market, Lincoln Park, Chicago

James, Franco :: Sunflower Market, Lincoln Park, Chicago

So, I bumped into James in the Dairy Section and he said “Hey, Franco Harris is in Supplements!” Sounds like the start of a joke or something, right? Except it’s true!

Sunflower Market is a new organic store that is opening in Chicago tomorrow. Chicagoist got to go tonight to check it out. There were lots of free food samples and wine and beer. We were browsing around everything when James said “Hey, do you like football?” I said “yeh!” I thought he was going to talk about the upcoming season, but he said “Franco Harris is here. Do you know who he is?” I definitely recognized his name so I said, ” Yeh, did he play for the Packers?” because most of the time if I know who someone is it’s because they played for Green Bay. I remember James crinkled his face like “Are you high?” So James showed me where he was – in the supplements section.

I immediately recognized him and said “Oh! that’s that guy whose famous play is always in the top 10 plays of all time!” So we made our way over and introduced ourselves. I told Franco I liked his famous play, the Immaculate Reception. James told Franco that he was born in Pittsburgh the year that Franco played for the Steelers and went to the SuperBowl. He also told him that even though his family moved around while he was growing up, that he always remained a Steelers fan. So, of course, Franco was loving that. Me, I said, “I grew up in Wisconsin, ’nuff said” and Franco made some comment about Packer Backer or Cheesehead or something. I can’t remember now.

We took the top fanboy/girl photo and then James was shaking his hand to say “Nice to meet you” and telling Franco how excited his dad will be that they met, when the nice lady who took the first photo was like “Let me take a photo of you guys shaking hands!” But then she couldn’t figure out how to turn my camera back on and everything, so James and Franco just stood there holding hands for like 2 mintues. Of course, James is never washing that hand again!

Finally, we had to find out why Franco Harris was at the opening of an organic supermarket in Chicago, right? Apparently, now he’s into organic breads and some of the breads his company, Super Bakery, makes are sold at Sunflower Market.

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