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First Visits to the Bronx

June 18th, 2003 · 15 Comments

Yankee Stadium at Sunset
Yankee Stadium at Sunset, Bronx

Yesterday I went to the Bronx twice. In the morning for a client meeting and in the evening for a Yankees game. These were my first and my second visits to the Bronx ever. Now I just have to find a reason to go to Staten Island and I’ll have visited all of the boroughs of New York City. (I once took the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island but I never got off the boat. My reasoning is that I was on the boat and the boat was touching the island, and therefore I have been to Staten Island. Spellacy, who lives on Staten Island, says it doesn’t count unless my feet are actually ON Staten Island.)

Also, here is my submission to the 800 x 600 project. I used Yankee Stadium as my subject matter.

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