Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!

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For my dad’s 60th birthday we had a great big party and invited everyone he knew. When it came time to plan something for my mom’s 60th birthday, my dad knew she didn’t want a big party, so he asked if we’d come up to their house and surprise her. And surprised, she was!

In the early afternoon we pulled into my parent’s subdivision in Greenville, WI and saw them walking the dogs. My dad was trying to distract my mom so she wouldn’t see us, but Dallas stopped the car and rolled the window down. My mom responded by automatically saying “HI!” before realizing who she was looking at and talking to. She was shocked! We drove on and pulled in to the driveway while my parents made their way back to the house. Moments later my brother and his family pulled up for another surprise!

We didn’t do anything crazy, but spend time hanging out and went to a nice dinner at Stone Yard. The very memorable part was due to Makai. We stopped for lunch not the way to Wisconsin and he got car sick in a McDonald’s. Well, we thought it was car sickness. He acted totally fine afterwards and all afternoon, so we all went out for dinner, where Makai performed some kind of Exorcist projectile vomiting reenactment all over my mom. Happy birthday, Grandma!

Cubs Beat the Pirates + Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse


Herm had never been to that Wrangley Field, or whatever it’s called, so Kristin got a bunch of tickets and we all went on Sunday night. I met up with Herm, Allison, Kristin, Cousin, Trent and his brother Tim at The Piggery first. I hadn’t been there for a long time and they added a rooftop deck and bar, which was really nice and gave great views of Popeye’s and The Diner Grill!


IMG_7351Allison excused herself to go to the bathroom and this great big pig mascot came out of nowhere, walked up to Herm and gave him a hug, before disappearing into nowhere. Minutes later Allison reappeared. Very suspicious.

We walked over to Wrigley Field and met up with Jen and Chad and Tarah and her family. Our seats were a little spread around, but the stadium wasn’t full and we eventually all made it into the same area, within a few rows of each other.


The weather was great and it was such a nice night to be at the ballpark. When Makai and I were at the Farmers Market in the morning it was drizzly and I was afraid that it would be freezing at the night game, but it was not.

IMG_7328.JPG IMG_7336.JPG


I went to Wrigley Field last year for my dad’s first visit there, but this year there were some improvements in the stadium. They added two digital jumbotrons. One shows all the game stats and one shows which player is up to bat and replays and things like that. I found these to be really helpful as a passive watcher who would often wonder what was going on!



The screen was also very helpful in seeing super blood moon lunar eclipse. Real life eclipse on at the top. Jumbotron eclipse below!

Trent and his brother, Tim


The Cubs beat the Pirates! After the game, some people headed to Guthrie’s but I headed home because I had an early work morning the next day.

Bonus: Cubs shirt selfies using Allison’s favorite app, Beauty Plus!


The Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup Parade and Rally


We had a better view of the celebrating ants in 2013 when the parade went down Columbus and the rally was in Grant Park. This year it’s through The Loop to Soldier Field (below).


The parade:

Fans on the right (all the red), parade in the center, Soldier Field on the upper left: