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Jake and Natalie’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

October 16th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Jake and Natalie asked me if I’d take photographs at their wedding rehearsal dinner last month. I know Jake from when I worked at FeedBurner and Google and had met his fiance, Natalie, a few times before they asked me. Their wedding photographer, of course, was too expensive to have come out for the rehearsal and they didn’t want to worry about photos, so they asked if I’d be willing to do it. I agreed. They’ve actually been married for more than a month now, but I didn’t want to post anything until they were back from their honeymoon (to Hawaii) and got the photos I took. I took many, many photos, but these are just a couple of my favorites.

I think Natalie designed most of the wedding and Jake got to do the rehearsal. Jake’s very into politics and this being an election year, they went with a political theme. Their invitations (below) were really neat and then they got napkins and banners and pins for people to wear that all completed the political theme. I had a fun time. Jake kept telling me to drink more and eat more so it was kind of like I was a working guest at the party. At the end a lot of the family and friends made toasts and roasts to the couple. Funny that a common theme was “Natalie and Jake have been together for 4+ years, it’s about time they got married.. what took so long!?” I felt like I should go hide under the table lest they should start yelling at me to get married already! :)

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The Olympics Came to Chicago, and so did The Go Team

October 15th, 2007 · No Comments

Brian’s BirthdaySaturday was Brian’s 40th birthday party, but instead of having some distinguished dinner or fancy party, he and his wife Jill demonstrated why we respect our elders and why they are some of our favorite role models.

Jill planned a party in the spirit of the Olympics and Festivus by getting together at least 35 of Brian’s favorite friends to compete in a 3-stop bar crawl with activities that were basically a microcosm of Brian’s Chicago existence. Olympic medals and prizes were given out to individual event winners as well as an overall Triathacrawl champion. Competing and heckling were greatly encouraged and there were beer specials at each bar to aid in this. Brian Playing PoolBrain’s brother Chad also helped make the party a success by designing a theme that was carried out in every aspect of the party. They used a photo of Brian next to a big 40 at Wrigley Field and created a design that went on the shirt Brian was wearing and on his cake and on some magnet party favors. Jill really got into details and had everything planned out. And somehow kept her head enough to remember to do everything. Like pass out party favors and later on in the night she had other things like Buckeye candy for everyone (Brian is a huge Buckeyes fan).

At Toons, from noon – 3pm, there was lunch and a shuffleboard competition. Justin came in first and won a “gold” medal and a gift certificate to Brian’s favorite meat emporium, Paulina Meat Market. Brian got the silver and Chad won the bronze. Dallas and I skipped the Toons portion of the day because we were running errands and Brian’s Birthday Cakewanted to rest for a while before being out all afternoon and night.

At Southport Lanes, from 3pm – 6pm, there was a cut-throat pool tournament. Justin came in first again, not without a lot of controversy about rules, and won Brian’s favorite movie, Boomerang. Sam came in second and Chad got third again.

Finally, at Guthrie’s, there was an Asshole tournament. Also, Jill ordered Brian’s favorite pizza for everyone, the Chicken Tang Peeza from Yak-Zies. I’d never had it before, but basically it’s buffalo chicken with buffalo sauce instead of the pizza sauce. She also got a cake similar to the one I got for Dallas’ 30th birthday from everyone’s favorite bakery, Dinkel’s. Dallas and I were able to start playing in the Asshole tournament, but we had to leave early to go to the Double Door to see The Go Team.

The Cool KidsAt the Double Door the show was supposed to start at 9pm. We were having so much fun at Guthrie’s and not really interested in The Go Team’s opening bands, so we didn’t arrive at Double Door until past 9. Turns out the opening bands hadn’t started yet. We grabbed some beer and got a spot and were waiting out some DJs that we didn’t really care for. It was so hot though, maybe that’s why. After the DJs were a group called The Cool Kids. They were composed of two MCs and a DJ. They were better than the first group, but we were still The Go Teamanxiously awaiting The Go Team. After The Cool Kids got done there was a long break. It was past 11 and we were still waiting to see what we came for. It was so hot inside Double Door, up front where we were standing.. finally we couldn’t take it any more. So we moved to the back where they had outside doors open and a big fan blowing. It was so much nicer. Sure, we gave up some good spots near the front, but we had so much more fun standing in front of the fan dancing and singing and being goofy. And it wasn’t like we couldn’t see the stage. We still could, just farther away. Oh, and it was closer to the bar.

So, we’re still not sure if anyone ended up winning the Asshole competition or if anyone took home the trophy for winning the Triathacrawl, but we had a great Saturday. Also, because of the show, I didn’t have my camera with me, just my camera phone, so that’s why I’ve got these tiny, crummy photos.

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Kristin & Darren’s Birthdays

February 26th, 2006 · 2 Comments

Kristin & Darren


John in Sombrero – See you in my nightmares!

Shots! 9 Jaeger Bombs & 1 Buttery Nipple

Toast! Ed, Kristin, Abby

Stretch! Darren

Southport Lanes

Happy Dallas

Abby & Dallas

Rachelle & Abby

Kristin, Katie, April

Kristin, Rachelle, Abby, Katie, April

Cory, Allison, Kristin, Rachelle, Abby, April, Katie

Kristin & Dallas

Darren & Trent

Allison & Weiner

Paul & Katie

Cory & Ed

Kristin and Darren both had birthdays this week so we went out to Southport Lanes to celebrate.

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