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Instacart Going Above and Beyond

January 5th, 2015 · No Comments


Personal notes on the shopping bags? Awesome. This shopper was great, actually. She noticed something in my order that she thought was “out of character” and called me to confirm a change. Above and beyond, for sure!

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August 19th, 2014 · 1 Comment


We’ve used the Instacart service at least ten times now. I can’t say enough good things about it! Basically, you’re hiring a personal shopper to go to local stores and get your groceries. The delivery fee is very low (I paid $3 once) or many times free. I think they work it into the grocery pricing, but not so much that I’ve ever noticed things being way more expensive. Then again, I haven’t been to the supermarket for many months now! In Chicago, they’ll go to Whole Foods, Mariano’s, Jewel, Plum Market, Costco, or Stanley’s. Such a great time saver, especially with a baby!

If you want to give Instacart a try, use this link. You’ll get $10 off and I’ll get $5 off!

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Hawaii Day 7: Kailua

June 13th, 2014 · No Comments


Somehow Dallas and Billy got up super early for the Kamehameha Schools Alumni Golf Tournament, the first alumni activity of the alumni week… which was pretty much the point of our whole trip. I was mostly impressed with Billy getting up, since he’d just flown in from Taiwan the day before. The rest of the family slept in except Damien. I was dying to see the beach, so I threw Makai in the stroller and the three of us went for a walk. I couldn’t get on the sand because of the stroller, but later on in the afternoon when Makai was sleeping, I took a nice, relaxing stroll on my own. The beaches in Wamanalo are so beautiful with the small islands off the coast, the pali, and the ironwood trees.

Later on I took Makai to Safeway to pick up a few things. I took the stroller in because I thought I was only getting like two things but ended up with so much that the friendly cashier closed her register and helped me to the car! The Safeway was in Kailua, which is kind of just the next town over. This is a bigger city and has more retail and restaurants than Waimanalo, which is a pretty small town. You might have heard of Kailua because it’s where the Obamas vacation in Hawaii sometimes. Also, Magnum P.I.’s house was over here…actually it’s more towards Waimanalo.

Anyway, the shopping center had Starbucks and L&L so I hit both of those places. While I was waiting for my order at L&L these two utility workers (maybe construction workers) came in and one was like “ooohhh that’s a healthy one!” to me about Makai. The other worker looks and agrees and then they both throw up shakas to Makai inside his stroller! My food came and I was going to eat there, but just then, at Makai’s exact feeding time I realized that I had formula powder and water, but no bottle! I had to rush home while Makai freaked out in the backseat! Luckily, Waimanalo is not far and the traffic was pretty light. A few minutes after I got back, Billy and Dallas arrived from their golfing.


That night we all went out to eat at Willow Tree, a Korean restaurant back in Kailua. We sampled a lot of different food (meat jun, bibimbap, kalbi, mandu) and thought it was all pretty good. Back home, all the kids get a bath and go to bed. I was so tired I went to bed too!

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