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Seven on State

June 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment

A couple of my coworkers love to go to Macy’s food court, Seven on State, for lunch. This is a high-end food court with offerrings from Takashi Yagihashi, Marcus Samuelsson, and Rick Bayless. My coworkers particularly like Chef Yagihashi’s spot, Noodles by Takashi.

There’s another part of this food court where they just serve soups and sandwiches and salads. Usually I got to the salad spot. They do a pretty good job with interestingness and fresh ingredients. I wish the line for Frontera Fresco wasn’t so long. I’d hit that every time! Ah well. I try to only go out for lunch one time per week or less. This is a good change of pace now and then.

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