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Andy and Katie’s Wedding Reception

July 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

Andy and Katie got married last month on Maui. It was a intimate wedding, with only family and close, close friends attending. When they returned to Chicago they threw a big reception for all of their family and friends at Tavern at the Park. It was about 100 degrees outside (what else is new lately) and I might have realized that hydrating with cold white wine may not have been the best idea. Dallas and I had a great time with them celebrating their wedding, nonetheless!

At the end of the reception, a few of us headed up to the rooftop. This is Tavern at the Park’s “treehouse.” It was still hot but not as broiling as it had been all day. We enjoyed a few fancy cocktails while taking in the views of the city. After a couple drinks, you get a bit dizzy staring up at the skyscrapers around you!

Next we headed to The Gage, which was just around the corner from Tavern at the Park. I don’t know why, but I was mesmerized by the lights behind the bar. They were changing color…woooooo. Crazy.

Finally, we met up with Josh, Marty and Todd at Hub 51. One funny photo here. I went to the women’s restroom and found out that they have TV monitors in there that show what’s going on in the bar. One of the cameras was pointed exactly at our table so it was like a husband spy-cam. Hmmm… what is Dallas up to while I’m waiting in line for the can?

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Danny & Caroline’s Wedding

June 21st, 2010 · No Comments

On Saturday Danny & Caroline got married at Cheney Mansion in Oak Park. We left our house with plenty of time to make the 18 minute drive to Oak Park, but didn’t realize the Puerto Rican parade was on Saturday. The parade itself is downtown, but in all of the communities with large Puerto Rican populations… ours and the neighborhoods surrounding ours… it’s mayhem! People just run around, bike around, drive around waving flags and celebrating. I’m sure it’s a good time, but we had to be somewhere. There were tons of road blocks and redirects and it took us more like 45 minutes to an hour to get out to Oak Park. I felt like we were in that Seinfeld episode.

Finally we arrived. The ceremony was just beginning. Attendants were walking down “the aisle.” Caroline was about to take her stroll down so we got to see her “backstage.” After she made her entrance we were allowed to make our way across the lawn and watch the ceremony. Cheney Mansion has such beautiful grounds. And the weather was so nice too. The day before we had tornado-like storms. Saturday’s weather called for it to be sunny and in the 90s. A bit too hot, but actually by 5:30 p.m. it was perfect.

Danny & Caroline’s Wedding Ceremony

The Bride and Groom Kissing

All done!

I couldn’t hear everything that was said during the ceremony because we were so far in the back, having arrived late. It seemed pretty traditional. I saw parents stand up at different points. It was quick, though. 15 minutes? 20 minutes? Afterwards Danny and Caroline greeted everyone in a receiving line.

Danny & Caroline greeting everyone

We had cocktails outside for an hour or so. Very nice. Like I said, the weather was perfect and the gardens at the mansion were gorgeous. The wedding was odd in that Dallas’s family was there, but then I’d turn and a lot of our friends were there too. I wasn’t used to seeing these people all in the same place.

Ed, Jen, Chad, Kristin

Jen & Chad

Cory (bridesmaid) & Miko

Aunty Glenna & Uncle BB

Dallas’s parents Kathy & George

George, Kathy, Rachelle, Dallas

Dallas, Uncle Neil, Scotty (Danny’s brother and Best Man)

Caroline & Danny

Rachelle & Dallas

Loden & Trent

After a while, Caroline’s dad announced that it was time to come inside the mansion for dinner.

Caroline’s dad announcing dinner

Wedding Program

It was expected, but I always like it when my name is spelled right.

Wedding Placecards

And I loved these poppies.


Aunty Peggy, George, Kathy, Aunty Karolyn, Uncle Sonny, Aunty Gail, Aunty Laura, Aunty Glenna, Uncle BB, Uncle Neil

Look at this. Chris is almost as tall as Dallas and Brad. He’s 14!

Brad, Dallas, Chris

After dinner we all kind of mingled and visited while waiting for the band to start up.

Aly, Danny, Amanda

If you didn’t notice earlier, Danny’s boutonniere is rosemary. Fitting, since he works in a kitchen. Here’s Dallas trying to get a whiff.

Brad, Danny, Dallas

Brad, Danny, Dallas

The dance floor is on the 3rd floor of Cheney Mansion. The wedding band was JT and the Clouds, a popular Chicago band. One of Danny and Caroline’s first dates was to go see them play. Also, the lead singer, Jeremy, aka JT, works with Danny.

JT and the Clouds

Kenji arrived on floor 3 ready to dance!


Tommy and Derek? Not so interested.

Tommy & Derek

Caroline and Danny had their first dance.

Danny & Caroline

Danny & Caroline

Some were a little shy to get dancing at first, but it wasn’t long before the dance floor was packed.


Loden, Trent, Caroline

Loden, Danny

Danny & Rachelle

Loden & Ed

Loden & Danny

Fun wedding. It went by SO FAST! Congratulations, Danny and Caroline! I wish we were done already! :)

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2009 Camp Fukuda

July 8th, 2009 · No Comments

After golfing we headed over to Aunty Peggy and Uncle Neil’s house. For the last two July Fourth holidays Dallas’s family has gotten Camp Fukuda tshirts made and then taken family photographs in them.


Trying to assemble 25+ people can be maddening. People walk off.


Other people pose together.


Kids run around.


Finally. Only Heather and I are missing. Heather was setting up her camera on a tripod so I took that time to make my own photo. There’s a photo floating around somewhere that has all of us.

Back: Caroline, Aunty Glenna, Uncle BB, Jeff, Cory, Chris, Caroline, Danny, Aunty Gail, Naoko, Kenji, Doug, Tommy, Derek, Krystyn, Hideto, Scotty, Peggy, Neil. Front: Adam, Chris, Dallas, Kathy, Laura, Mitch, Kyle, Kate, Winnie, Ben.

Aunty Laura’s Family -

Cory, Chris, Danny, Caroline, Aunty Laura, Krystyn, Hideto, Scotty

Kathy’s Family -

Kathy, Caroline, Dallas, Rachelle


Caroline, Dallas

Aunty Peggy & Uncle Neil’s Family –

Aunty Peggy, Derek, Uncle Neil, Kyle, Kate, Ben, Winnie

Dallas & his sister, still goofing-

Caroline, Dallas

Aunty Gail’s Family -

Jeff, Heather, Chris, Mitch, Auny Gail, Tommy, Doug, Kenji, Naoko

Aunty Glenna & Uncle BB’s (sort of) family-

Uncle BB & Aunty Glenna’s kids didn’t arrive til later in the night so they got Adam, a family friend, in their photo.

These are the people that won the 2009 Fukuda Cup earlier in the day. Notice that they changed into their winning shirts.

Kyle, Jeff, Adam, Chris, Aunty Gail, Danny

I poured my beer into the award cup and each winning team member had to drink from the cup. Notice that Chris’s shirt is all wet. Doug, a sore loser, sprayed the hose all over the winners while they were posing for photos.

Chris, Aunty Gail

Adam, Jeff


These are the people who lost the 2009 Fukuda Cup. Dallas was giving “the finger” in some of the photos. He told his mom to do it and she gave thumbs up… wrong finger.. and everyone started laughing.

Dallas, Doug, Kathy, Uncle BB, Uncle Neil, Scotty



After photos we spent the afternoon and evening eating delicious gumbo that Danny made, drinking, and visiting in the yard. Or inside. The mosquitoes were kind of brutal in Michigan.

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