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Last Dispatch From the Seattle Area

April 6th, 2011 · No Comments

Just a few last tidbits from my trip out to the Seattle area for the Nintendo 3DS Summit.

Nintendo put us up in the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. The rooms were really pretty.

And about double the size of the last New York hotel room I stayed in where the desk was at the end of the bed so close they were almost touching. And the TV was practically on the ceiling, above the desk!!! These rooms in Bellevue were nice and spacious.

I had a handicap-accessible hotel room. The stand-up shower was so huge! Also, how cute that they left some toothpaste out for me. I’ve had to practically beg toothpaste off other hotels.

Even cuter than that? Look at this note housekeeping left for me!

What? I was in Seattle! And I’ve been to the San Juan Islands! This was delicious.

While I was getting ready I had the TV on the local news channel and I kept hearing my name. Turns out one of their local reporter’s name is Rachelle Murcia. I feel kind of bad about this photo. So awkward. Rachelle Murcia really is pretty lady!

On the night that everyone flew into Seattle, Nintendo hosted a reception for us at the Twisted Cork, our hotel bar.

There was ahi and kobe sliders and pulled pork and hours of passed appetizers. Open bar, although I only had 2 glasses of wine.

This DJ was kind of odd. He was playing house music all night and no one was dancing. Then he’d throw on something random like Footloose and everyone would crowd the dance floor. And then after one song he’d go back to his stupid house music and everyone would leave. He really was not reading or catering to his audience.

Later in the night? Cake pops! Along with a nice selection of other desserts.

In the Seattle airport, ridiculous Twilight series coffee by The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie. Some of these sounded good, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

Finally, one of my favorite souvenirs: Old-school Nintendo coffee mug for the office.

Disclosure: This was all part of the Nintendo 3DS Summit weekend. For this trip, Nintendo provided the airfare, accommodations, meals, a Nintendo World gift certificate, and Nintendo 3DS. I was not paid, or even asked, to write this post.

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The Night on Peaks

August 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Peaks Island View Towards Portland

Rob met up with us at the ferry landing and we went to check into The Inn at Peaks Island. One problem, we weren’t registered there! Not to worry, the place we were staying was The Peaks Island House and was so close that the guy working registration at The Inn walked us over The Peaks Island House. To give you an idea, The Inn has 6 rooms and The Peaks Island House has 5 and those are all of the places to stay on the entire island. The Inn seemed a bit nicer than The Peaks Island House, but latter had a way better view. Our room looked right out onto Casco Bay, whereas The Inn was across the street.

After we got checked in we walked over to Colleen and Rob’s house to check it out. Most things on Peaks Island are walkable. Cars are allowed on the island, but many people just have golf carts and bikes. Some of Rob and Colleen’s family and friends were at the house. We had a few drinks and then walked over to The Inn and had a few more. After that we called it a night. Long day!

The ferry to Peaks Island and the island itself reminded Ging and I of Orcas Island, part of the San Juan Islands out in Washington. We’d both visited, though not together. The only thing is that Orcas is much bigger and much more populated than Peaks. I heard that Peaks is only like 2 miles across and Orcas is 57 square miles. Also, Peaks population is about 800 year-round residents, swelling to 5,000 in the summer, where Orcas has about 4,500 residents, not sure how many in the summer. On Orcas there were many boutiques and shops and grocery stores, things to do, places to eat and rooms to stay. On Peaks there are the two inns with 11 rooms total, each of them had a restaurant. There was a coffee shop, a breakfast place, one general store, one souvenir shop, maybe a few other small businesses and that’s it. Most of the island is private residences and conserved land.

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Orcas Island, Day 1

August 17th, 2003 · 3 Comments

Waiting for the next Ferry in Anacortes.

Eating clam chowder for lunch while waiting for the Ferry.

Finally getting on the ferry.

Here’s a ferry coming in. You can see all of the cars parked on it.

The Outlook Inn, East Sound, Orcas Island

Outlook Inn

Out look Inn & the Main Street of East Sound

View from across the street from the Outlook Inn. Little did I know at the time that this would also be the view from our hotel room balcony.

Our room had 3 beds and shared a bathroom. It was quaint and not very inconvenient for just one night.

Our room was the only one on our floor in the main building with a balcony.

Rachelle on the balcony.

Cascade Falls, Moran State Park

Cascade Falls

View from Mount Constitution, Moran State Park

View from Mount Constitution

View from Mount Constitution

View from Mount Constitution

View from the tower on Mount Constitution

View from the tower on Mount Constitution

Compass on the tower

Graffiti carved into the tower

Deer on the way out of Moran State Park

More deer

Hiking a mile down to the cove at Obstruction Park

At the cove

Getting our dinner out to eat at the cove

Yummy sandwiches

Kelly & Jeff at the cove

Jeff & Kelly in our hotel room

On August 7 we visited Orcas Island, a part of the San Juan Islands. From Seattle, you drive north to Anacortes and take the Ferry. Unfortunately, we arrived at Anacortes at a little after 12 p.m., missing the 11:50 ferry. The next ferry out wasn’t until 2:30. The cars were already lining up, so we parked our car on line, got out and explored what little there was to see in the area. We decided that since we wouldn’t be getting to Orcas until about 3:30 that we should stay overnight if we could get a decent rate on a room. So we started calling hotels and totally lucked out when found a room with a bay view from a private balcony The Outlook Inn for only $94/night. We also made reservations to go sea kayaking the following day.

Once on Orcas Island, we went to East Sound, the small town where our hotel was. We checked in, explored the neighborhood, and bought some sandwiches and snacks for dinner at a supermarket. We then drove to Moran State Park and did a short hike to Cascade Falls. Also at Moran State Park we drove to Mount Constitution. The view from there is amazing. There’s also a tower you can go up in on the top of the mountain to get an even better view. Next we drove down to Obstruction Pass Park. We hiked a mile to a secluded cove where we ate the dinner we purchased earlier. We stayed a little too long in the cove admiring the sunset and the moon, for when we hiked back the mile to our car it was pitch black and we were stumbling all over roots and rocks on the path. Once back in the car and back in East Sound, (we got lost in the dark.. and man, there sure are a lot of deer out there that you have to try not to hit) we stopped at a little grocer and got a few drinks to enjoy on our balcony. After that: lights out.

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