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Hiking Lion’s Head

June 17th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Janie, Anne, Colleen :: Lion’s Head, Salisbury, CT

Buddy kept going daredevil close to the edge :: Lion’s Head, Salisbury, CT

Molly, Rachelle, Anne, Janie :: Lion’s Head, Salisbury, CT

Molly, Colleen, Anne, Janie, Buddy, Bella :: Lion’s Head, Salisbury, CT

Buddy, Bella :: Lion’s Head, Salisbury, CT

Molly, Anne, Janie, Colleen :: Lion’s Head, Salisbury, CT

Bella, Colleen, Buddy :: Lion’s Head, Salisbury, CT

While the guys went hiking the girls slept off our hangovers and then did some sunbathing. Finally we got motivated enough to go on the hike we’d planned on doing. We went on the Lion’s Head trail, which is part of the Appalachian Trail. It was a 4.6-mile round trip hike. Most of it was mostly easy but there were a few parts that were quite strenuous. Especially since it was noon, really hot and humid, we were hungry and hungover, and I was wearing flip flops and a skirt. Still, I told myself if Bella, Matt and Molly’s 13-year-old dog, could do it, then I could too. It was worth it in the end to see the sweeping views of Northwest Connecticut and The Berkshires.

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Back From Connecticut

June 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Matt & Molly, The White Hart Inn, Salisbury, CT

Chris & Ross, The White Hart Inn, Salisbury, CT

Creepy Bar Tile at The White Hart Inn, Salisbury, CT

Colleen, Sarah, Molly & Anne, Sharon, CT

Dallas and I just got back this afternoon from a four-day trip to Connecticut. We were visiting because Dallas was a groomsman in Molly & Matt’s wedding. We had a tremendous time seeing many friends and family and meeting even more people there. Matt and Molly and their friends and family’s kindness and hospitality are remarkable and we always have a great time.

These photos were taken our first night in Connecticut. People were starting to trickle in for the wedding and we all went out for dinner at The White Hart Inn in Salisbury. After dinner we stayed at the Inn to watch the Lakers/Celtics game. Matt and Molly live in the Boston area as do many of their friends and family so everyone was cheering for the Celtics. Dallas is also a big Celtics fan from when he lived in Boston. After the game the guys called it a night because they had an early tee time, but the girls had some wild and crazy fun trying to get over served, busting a Lexus, breaking into another car, trying to track down striped shirt guy, figuring out how to get an outdoor hot tub to work in the dead of the night and catching up and gossiping til the wee hours.

The only thing to mar the trip was that we were supposed to come back last night and all flights from Hartford to Chicago were canceled. We couldn’t get out until this morning so we had to stay overnight at a hotel. We chose the Comfort Suites because they had a “distressed travelers” rate of $89. Their rooms are normally $119, which was already less than a couple other hotels we called, so that worked out good. It was a nice hotel too, only a year old. Of course today they made us fly into Dulles and then sit there for a few hours. The only good thing was that I had a voucher for a free upgrade and they let me do it. So I had first class seating. But then when we got on the plane we had to sit on the tarmac for two more hours. And then when we got to Chicago our gate was occupied. Some crazy times traveling this weekend. But now we’re finally home. Dallas had to run to work and get some things done and tomorrow morning he has to fly out to Louisiana on business. No rest! You know it was all worth it, though. We had such a fantastic time in Connecticut!

More on the rest of the trip in upcoming posts!

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