J. Crew Warehouse Sale

-If there’s not enough chaos in your life;
-If you want to get your hand slapped for reaching for something at the same time as someone else;
-If you enjoy stripping in front of thousands of people (and not getting paid for it);
-If you like waiting on a long line, amusement-park style:

Subject Yourself to the J.Crew Warehouse Sale.

It sounds like cruel and unusual punishment, and it is, but the saving are astronomical. 50 – 80% off everything. I purchased 6 items and saved $181.60.

On the subway ride home I observed a passenger – a middle-aged, upper-middle class, blonde woman – sit down on the subway bench. After 2 stops, she slowly and carefully pulled a brochure out of her bag and began reading it. From across the aisle I read its title: “Chemotherapy: A Patient’s Guide”. Suddenly, the sale and all of the deals I scored meant nothing and the bag I was carrying felt like 1,000 pounds of junk. I knew this feeling would wear off, but for a few minutes I felt like a horrible person for relishing in such material satisfaction.