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Andy and Katie’s Wedding Reception

July 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

Andy and Katie got married last month on Maui. It was a intimate wedding, with only family and close, close friends attending. When they returned to Chicago they threw a big reception for all of their family and friends at Tavern at the Park. It was about 100 degrees outside (what else is new lately) and I might have realized that hydrating with cold white wine may not have been the best idea. Dallas and I had a great time with them celebrating their wedding, nonetheless!

At the end of the reception, a few of us headed up to the rooftop. This is Tavern at the Park’s “treehouse.” It was still hot but not as broiling as it had been all day. We enjoyed a few fancy cocktails while taking in the views of the city. After a couple drinks, you get a bit dizzy staring up at the skyscrapers around you!

Next we headed to The Gage, which was just around the corner from Tavern at the Park. I don’t know why, but I was mesmerized by the lights behind the bar. They were changing color…woooooo. Crazy.

Finally, we met up with Josh, Marty and Todd at Hub 51. One funny photo here. I went to the women’s restroom and found out that they have TV monitors in there that show what’s going on in the bar. One of the cameras was pointed exactly at our table so it was like a husband spy-cam. Hmmm… what is Dallas up to while I’m waiting in line for the can?

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Fourth of July in Norwell, Massachusetts

July 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Lucy & Dallas waving

Dallas & the Luannes! (Lucy’s full name is Luanne.)

Sarah photobombed the birthday candle photo! (Sarah, Luanne, Adam, Ron, Marty, Jan, Molly)

Dallas’s Cake Creation

Lucy tasting whipped cream for the first time.

Of course, she loves it! (She is also doing her signature wave here.)

Adam by the pool.

Adam & Sarah

On the Fourth of July we drove down from New Hampshire with Matt, Molly,Lucy, and Buddy to Norwell, MA. This is where Matt’s parents, Luanne & Marty, live. Dallas has spent many an Independence Day at Marty & Luanne’s house. Looking back, I spent the 2004 holiday and 2007 holiday there. It seems like more. As I told Luanne, in our hearts we spend every Fourth of July there. It’s what we tell people. We go to Norwell/Boston for Fourth of July. In reality, we get there as much as we can. It’s the effort that counts, right?

We spent the day swimming in the pool, playing a little bit of frisbee game, and relaxing. Marty made his kielbasa that he is known for. The secret ingredients are mustard and honey. Then he just keeps it hot in a pot. So good. He also grilled up some delicious cheeseburgers, which were served with potato salad. Very traditional, it sure hit the spot! I hadn’t had a cheeseburger or potato salad forever.

Aside from the holiday, it was Adam’s birthday on July 3 and Molly’s on July 4, so Luanne made her family’s traditional blueberry crumbcake. It was so delicious. She also served strawberry shortcake. Dallas took the strawberries from that and put them on top of his blueberry crumbcake and then topped that with whipped cream. Also, Matt gave Lucy some of the cake with whipped cream. She loved it. They really try to restrict her sugar intake, so I think she was just amazed!

On this holiday the party was smaller, mostly family, a few friends. But that does not mean it was not fun. It was great to be able to see Marty and Luanne again and to hang out in the sun and in the pool and with all of the family for one more day before heading back to Chicago.

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Silkscreen Print of my Union Station Photograph

January 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment


In December, a reader from the Netherlands named Ron contacted me and said that my photograph of the hall at Union Station inspired him and that he made a silkscreen print of it (shown above). He said:

I can’t make good pictures of buildings or landscapes. Somehow they don’t connect with me. I prefer people. I used to have a traditional camera, with black and white film and my own dark room. I could spend hours on getting the right print. Now my camera is broken down, my dark room is in use by one of my children and I can spend just the same time on silk screen printing. I started printing about six years ago and now I am starting to print a quality that I like. Of course I can see that the real professional printers do a much better job. But I see that as a challenge. Printing portraits is extremely difficult, but sometimes it works. I did a picture of our queen, and that is in my office now. I work as a civil servant (boring!), with Queen Beatrix as my formal boss. So a few months ago I decided I wanted her picture. The official portraits are very dull, so I made one myself. It is hanging straight ahead of me. So every time I want to do some creative thinking I can look up to our queen. And it helps. I always get the bright ideas, or find the sollutions, whenever I look at that picture.

Even better, Ron offered to send me a silkscreen print of the image that was inspired by my work. I was so excited to see how it came out. In early January it arrived in the office. At first I was surprised at the lack of detail, but then I realized that’s how silkscreens are. As I looked at it more, I realized that all the important details are there and that it really is more interesting and imaginative than the original photograph. I like it! Thanks, Ron!

Other times I have inspired someone else’s art:

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