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Holiday Weekend at the Lake House

July 6th, 2013 · No Comments

Patriotic Fourth of July tractor parade.

All-American barbecue (with Kimchi in the middle).

Christine’s Fourth of July cake.

Wally wearing his new tie.


Pugs Not Drugs: Mike & Bernie.

Dallas made all-American Korean tacos for our Fourth of July lunch.

Relaxing morning overlooking the lake.

Piggly Wiggly.

Bros playing pong.

Ribs on the dock!

Kelly posing at dinner at 45 North Barn & Grill.

For the Fourth of July we decided to stay close to home and go to our friends’ lake house, which is about an hour away from Chicago. I think about 11 friends were staying at the house, along with their 6 dogs. We grilled out every day and only went out for dinner one night. I was surprisingly good at garage darts, which I haven’t played for a year? years? The guys played a lot of ping pong. Mostly we relaxed around the house.

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Barque Smokehouse, Toronto

February 10th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Becky coloring.
Fork, knife, paint brush.

Smoked Dry Rub Wings

Brushing on a sauce. There was a tomato-based Kansas City sauce and mustard-based North Carolina sauce.

The glass says red, but this was the Montreal-brewed St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
Arugula salad with savory crumble, apples, roasted beets, lavender ricotta, cider vinaigrette.


Sage & Smoked Provalone Pasta

Pulled lamb sliders with blue cheese.
It is a feast of meat!!

Pulled pork poutine.

Two kinds of baby back ribs: Sweet heat & dry rub.
Smoked chicken and brisket.

Cinnamon and chocolate cupcakes made by “the elves under the stairs.”

Our waiter, Nicholas. Notice – in Canada cards must be swiped right at the table. Server can’t take them away.

Gerardo with shots of bourbon!
We love you, Barque.

Matt has a friend who runs Shut Up and Eat, a Canadian-based food blog. This friend recommended Barque Smokehouse as a restaurant we had to check out while in Toronto. A bunch of us decided to give it a try. We tried to call ahead for a reservation, but couldn’t get one, so we thought we’d just go and hang out at the bar til we could get seated. The problem? It’s a very small bar/doorway area and we were constantly getting shoved around. We had 6 people in our party and there was just no place for us to stand and wait. The staff at Barque was getting annoyed, we were getting annoyed, but luckily we all stuck it out. When we finally got a table, we let all that annoyance go away and the service could not have been better. Our server Nicholas was awesome and the other waiter, Gerardo, who Becky colored a picture for as a goodwill offerring, gave us free shots of bourbon at the end of our meal.

Before we even looked at the menu, our waiter told us we could get a ton of family-style stuff for $35 per person. I don’t know if this was a Winterlicious (restaurant week) special or what, but we were all for it. We added on the pulled pork poutine because, hello!, Canada. Also, one of my coworkers doesn’t eat gluten, soy or dairy and they did not even bat an eye at accommodating her. Awesome. For dinner we had an all out meat-a-polooza! Wings, ribs, pulled lamb, smoked chicken, brisket, you name it! It was all so good!!! I’m talking, the best barbecue I’ve had in a couple years! Becky and I are still talking about how good the chicken is and I’m writing this more than a week later!! So glad that we all went for it and were able to try so many different things. I’m so glad that we stuck it out and made amends and had this fantastic meal. And to be honest, we had many fantastic meals in Toronto. I had no idea it was such a great place for dining out!

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June 9th, 2012 · No Comments

Smoke Daddy

Smoke Daddy (If you look close you can see Dallas and Josh)


Sola Malasadas (after Sugarlips ate a few)

Ribs from Blue Bayou. Liked the meat and the grill, but didn’t love the sauce.

New favorite drink.

Dallas and I met up with Todd, Kelly and Chad at Ribfest on Saturday. As the name implies, this is a festival based around live music and ribs. This was the 14th year of Ribfest and about 20 different vendors participated. We spent a lot of time by the Smoke Daddy smokers and visited Josh. I also wanted to check out what Sola was offering and conveniently enough, the Sola booth was right next to Smoke Daddy’s. Even better, Chef Wallack was there. Dallas and I chatted with her a bit about the restaurant and Hawaii and she was kind enough to hook us up with some short rib sandwiches and later on some malasadas! YUM! We haven’t been to Sola for a few months and need to get back soon!

While the guys stood around and drank some beers, Kelly and I took a walk around and actually split some ribs. We also discovered our new favorite drink of the summer, Lime-a-Rita. I really did not like Bud Light Lime when I tried it last summer and everyone (Jess, Sara) was raving about it. The good thing about Lime-a-Rita is that it doesn’t taste anything like Bud Light. It’s sweet and tangy and limey and margarita-y. I suppose it’s probably best poured over ice, but we just drank it straight from the can.

After sweating it out at Ribfest (it was something like 90 degrees outside), we headed to Timo’s roofdeck birthday party. And after that to Brian and Sara’s roof deck to watch the Pacquiao/Bradley fight. I could have cared less about the fight, but it was a nice night to be outside on roof decks with friends!

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