Paying Our Respects

Mom and Grandma planted this tree when I was a baby. So this tree and I are the same age. It’s grown quite a bit taller than me. Damn these Norder genes! Mary and Rachelle.

Richard, Rachelle, Mary, Rick.

The pall bearers before getting into the limo. Grandma’s grandsons: Shannon, Chad, Jason, Brannon, Richard, Bill.

Richard Howard Bowden III, Richard Howard Bowden IV, Richard Howard Bowden II.

Richard Howard Bowden IV, III, and II.

Grandpa and his kids, Darlene, Mary, Deb, Elissa, Steve, Doug, Reneé and Rick.

Grandpa and Grandma have 22 grandkids and 7 great grandkids. Here are some of the grandkids. Back: Shannon, Sabrina, Bill, Richard, Ashton, Jason, Falon, Brannon, Damon, Chad. Front: Stephanie, Dawn, Grandpa, Rachelle.

Rich, Deb, Grandpa.

Sabrina, Doug, Wanda, Dawn, Grandpa.

Elissa and Grandpa.

Chuck, Ashton, Reneé, Falon, Brannon, Grandpa, Damon.

Brother and sister, Juanita and Grandpa.

Kirk, Darlene, Erin, Chad, Grandpa.

Richard, Rachelle, Rick, Mary, Grandpa.

Shannon, Wayne, Mary, Jason, Grandpa.

Bill, Stephanie, Carol, Steve, Grandpa.

Jim, Dee, Mary, Rick.

The guys. Shannon, Chad, Rick, Jason, Richard, Grandpa, Brannon, Steve, Doug, Bill.

In the cemetary.

The view from Grandma’s final resting place.