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Matt & Molly’s Wedding Ceremony

June 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Matt’s Parents, Luanne & Martin :: Sharon, CT

Matt’s Brother, Adam & Molly’s Sister, Liz :: Sharon, CT

Matt’s Brother, Zach & Molly’s Sister, Rena :: Sharon, CT

Matt’s Friend, Chris & Molly’s Friend, Anne :: Sharon, CT

Matt’s Friend, Ross & Molly’s Friend, Janie :: Sharon, CT

Matt’s Friend, Dallas & Molly’s Friend, Colleen :: Sharon, CT

Molly’s Twin Nephew Ring Bearers, Tommy & Ben :: Sharon, CT

Molly’s Nephew George as the Canine Coordinator, with Buddy & Bella :: Sharon, CT

Molly’s Nieces as Flower Girls, Lizzie & Margaret :: Sharon, CT

Molly’s Niece, Catlin & Molly & Molly’s Father, George :: Sharon, CT

Molly, Officiant Rosina, Matt :: Sharon, CT

Molly & Matt :: Sharon, CT

Everyone was fearful that it was going to start raining right when Matt and Molly’s wedding ceremony was about to begin. But it didn’t. We got through the ceremony and then once we were all under the tent, it down poured. Sound familiar?

Matt & Molly’s wedding was beautiful.. and good thing that it didn’t last too long because it was HOT. There were a limited number of chairs that mostly older guests and people who needed to be up front sat in. Otherwise we all just kind of stood around casually. There was supposed to be a cocktail hour after the ceremony, but everyone started drinking from the bar beforehand, so half the people were standing around watching the ceremony with glasses of wine. .. er.. um… not including me?

All of Molly’s nephews and nieces had parts in the wedding except for the youngest, Annie, who is only about 4 weeks old. Buddy and Bella are Matt and Molly’s dogs and they were also a part of the wedding. .. whether they knew it or not. Matt’s good friend Bo read a Native American Prayer and Matt’s sister-in-law Sarah read the Song of Solomon (2:10-13). Molly’s friend Emily played cello during the ceremony. Matt is half Jewish so his grandmother, Shirley, read a Jewish blessing and then he did the thing where he stomps on the glass. The bride and groom kiss and then we were out of there. Even though we only had to walk about 10 steps to get drinks at cocktail hour and then 20 more to get to the big tent set up in the yard.

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