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Easter Dinner With The Webers

April 9th, 2012 · No Comments

Halle, Reese and Quinn hunting for Easter eggs.

Halle was saying her basket was too heavy!

Quinn and his eggs.

Easter Bunny somehow knew to bring Star Wars and Spiderman toys to Kristin’s house.


Easter dinner.

Two lambs were slaughtered that day!

Reese, Halle, Quinn and Kristin

For Easter this year Brian, Chad, Dallas and Trent went to the Cubs game while Jill, Halle, Jen, Quinn, Loden, and I headed to Kristin’s house. Kristin’s family was also in town from Galena to celebrate. Before we ate dinner, Kristin had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for the kids. Quinn proclaimed that it was too easy, but Halle and Kristin’s niece Reese are a few years younger than him and it needed to be easy! Kristin’s other niece Macy was there too, but she is only about a year old and a little too young for the egg hunt.

For dinner we had salad, carrots, asparagus, au gratin potatoes, croissants, four different kinds of pierogi, ham and two different kinds of Polish sausage. We ate and ate and then sat outside and enjoyed the sun. Kristin played ball with Quinn, Reese and Halle. Later on the guys came over from the Cubs game and gorged on leftovers. Then we all had dessert: Lamb pound cake, blueberry pie, apple pie and ice cream. Delicious! This was our second Easter at Kristin’s, though I do remember having Easter dinner out at her parent’s house once. Always so good!

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Easter Dinner With The Webers

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments

Dallas and I don’t usually celebrate Easter. I don’t think we have for years. This year we were invited to 3 different celebrations. One was in Wisconsin and we couldn’t go because we’d have to stay overnight and Dallas already had Saturday night plans. One was out in the suburbs but was an Easter egg hunt. Not that we don’t want to see Dallas’ family in the suburbs, but an Easter egg hunt is not totally up our ally. The third invite was to Kristin’s apartment, which is only a few miles from our house. I think we have a winner!

Kristin’s family was visiting from Galena. When we arrived the kitchen was in full force and Megan was setting the table.

Kristin was in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

We asked if we could help, but there wasn’t much to do without getting in the way, so Dallas watched basketball. . .

. . . and Limey concentrated on holding up the wall and drinking his wine.

When the ham was ready Mr. Weber got to carving it.

Then Ryan and Megan got the ham and Polish sausages ready to be served at the table.

Mrs. Weber fed Reese early so that she could nap a little while the rest of us ate. She loves ham and the sauerkraut pierogi.

Dinner time!

This is everything we had.

My plate.

And this is what we had for dessert.


After our feast Reese got to dig into the Easter basket that the Easter bunny somehow left at Kristin’s house.

We hung around a bit longer but had to get home and sleep off our food comas! Dallas and I were both out for a while in the evening. Thanks to the Webers for inviting us to a delicious Easter dinner!

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