Jessica’s 2nd Birthday

Jessica, Oak Creek, WI

Jessica and Grandma Mary, Oak Creek, WI

Jessica and Stephanie, Oak Creek, WI

Jessica, Oak Creek, WI

Rachelle and Richard, Oak Creek, WI

My niece turned 2 at the end of May and this past weekend was her birthday party. Every time I see her she’s changed so much from the last. She’s in one of those periods, I guess, where she’s growing and learning so many new things. This time she’s running around more than ever and talking.. not just saying one word that she knows, but actually talking. And you can start to see some of her personality traits and likes and dislikes coming out. That girl is obsessed with 2 things: chips and shoes. Watch out.

When we sang Happy Birthday, Stephanie played it on her recorder. It was so cute but I can’t help but think she’d be embarassed by it in a few years. Then again, in a few years she’ll be embarrassed by EVERYTHING.

Dallas had his first cheese curds. There wasn’t time but I also wanted to take him for frozen custard because he doesn’t really grasp the concept of it and thinks he’d rather have DQ soft serve. Next time.