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Fresh Catch

November 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Dallas & Quincy

Fresh Catch



Lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, rice, mac salad.

Fresh Catch

Dallas’s cousin Quincy pulled us away from the pool to take us to lunch at Fresh Catch. Good to catch up with him on Oahu, since we only saw his parents over on Kauai. Quincy actually has a part-time job at one of the restaurants in the hotel we were staying at while he continues his studies in Engineering, already having completed a degree in Hawaiian Studies at UH. We were hoping his sister Kala could meet up with us too, but she didn’t make it. Can’t believe she’s in college now!

Fresh Catch was super good. A million different kinds of poke, lots of seafood and plate lunches. I had the lau lau plate lunch and some ahi poke. Two things: 1. Guy Fieri had been here before us… again. 2. See that guy behind the counter in the last photo? He was our waiter at Gyotaku the night before!!

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Fourth of August in New England

August 9th, 2012 · No Comments

Lake Wentworth

With the Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday this year, it didn’t work out for us to go to New England for the holiday like we usually do. It just so happened that one month later, the Fourth of August, worked out great, so off we went!


Adirondack Chair


That is Stamp Act Island across the way, on the left.

We spent a few days at Ross’s house on Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. We went to Ross’s house for the first time last year and it was a ton of fun. And it was a ton of fun this year too.

We flew into Boston and drove up to New Hampshire with Matt, Molly and Lucy and their dog Buddy. They also had a new addition for us to meet this year, a one-and-a-half-year-old mastiff, Sophie.


Also staying at the house were Tommy and Marinella, with their dog Koukla, who happened to really like riding on the kayaks. Note Ross’s new toys are these fancy kayaks that have a pedal mechanism so you don’t have to paddle. They were pretty awesome.

Tommy, Ross, Koukla, Dallas

Ross & Koukla

The week before we went out East, Rob stayed overnight at our house in Chicago. He always stays over one night every year when he does the sailing race to Mackinac Island. Rob and Ross and Matt all lived in Boston at the same time so we mentioned to Rob that we were going to Ross’s and suggested he come down from Maine, so he did. So glad he did!


Rob and Dallas taking a snooze.

There was lots of eating and drinking and fun, like always. Ross has been on a paleo diet, but we still had a lot of great food and drinks. One thing was clear, that we are all getting older. Things were not as rowdy as previous years, for sure!

Steak and Scallops.

Ross broke out the good stuff (but I still didn’t like it!)

Brought my aloha shirt koozie.

I don’t know why Ross had these bling-y ice cubes!

Long Trail Ale is a beer from Vermont.

And we still had a ton of fun playing on the lake and relaxing outside.

Lucy had her own adirondack chair, a gift from Uncle Ross.

Ross, Koukla, Rob

Matt and Lucy.

Lucy and I were playing with leaves and pine cones.

Rob and Dallas.

Lucy getting a haircut.

After her haircut.


Ross gave us a Lake Wentworth chocolate bar from Winnipesaukee Chocolates.

The rest of our trip was spent in the greater Boston area where Matt and Molly live. Dallas and Matt golfed, I took Lucy to the park, we watched a ton of Olympics, visited a diner where Lucy is a regular, and spent one night watching The Dark Knight Rises followed by drinks and dinner in Marina Bay.

There’s a rule somewhere that when you’re on a roadtrip you have to stop at Taco Bell. I finally tried the Doritos Locos Taco.

Lucy at Target.

Lucy at the park.

Marina Bay

Oh, and on the way out to Boston, we, of course, had drinks and lunch at Tortas Frontera at O’Hare!

Tortas Frontera.

As of right now I have 167k miles on AA.

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Family Dinner in Alewa Heights

March 11th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Never can resist taking a photo of the view of Honolulu from up in the mountains.

Sunday nights are family dinner so we stopped at Safeway for some poke and beer and headed up to Uncle Bob and Aunty Helen’s house in Alewa Heights.

Dallas’s Aunty Wendie is half Chinese and surprised us with a whole Chinese spread of food and things that are symbolic of longevity and good luck, like mochi, good luck money in red envelopes, a pyramid of red bean bao, evergreen and pomelo, which is like a giant grapefruit. Along with an array of Chinese take-out favorites, Aunty Wendie also made beef stew with vegetables. So delicious.

Aunty Wendie, Rachelle

Dallas, Rachelle

Dried fruit, pomelo, lucky money, mochi

Dallas’s Uncle Bob and Aunty Helen finished up their round of golf and came home, so we got to visit with them. Cousin Kala is in her first year of college now. Hard to believe! Cousin Quincy doesn’t live at home any more but came over later. And we got to visit with grandma a bit, although she is getting pretty old and isn’t always “there.” Hopefully she still knows we came for a visit. In any case, it was nice to see everyone.

Quincy, Grandma (Photo by Aunty Wendie)

Kala, Dallas (Photo by Aunty Wendie)

Quincy, Uncle Mel (Photo by Aunty Wendie)

Kala, Dallas, Uncle Bob (Photo by Aunty Wendie)

Rachelle, Dallas, Grandma, Kala, Quincy

That night we had to pack everything up in our hotel room because we had an early flight to Kauai in the morning!

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