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Christmas at our House

December 29th, 2014 · No Comments



My parents were visiting for the Christmas break from Wednesday (Christmas Eve) until Sunday. Then on Friday Jess and Stephanie came down. On Sunday Richard and Amanda joined everyone and we had our Christmas party.




I guess I didn’t get any photos of the fine meal that Dallas made. It was a Portuguese roast with vegetables. The recipe is from Dallas’s Aunty on Kauai and she makes it for him every time we go home. Amanda also made a nice salad and for dessert we had the homemade candy that my parents brought. ALSO, while Makai was taking his after-lunch nap, I had a fun (and delicious!) project for Jess and Steph. We made reindeer from Nutter Butter cookies. I thought they were going to be like Pinterest wrecks, but once they were dried and everything, they were pretty cute (and delicous!).









Later on we opened gifts. This was the first year that Stephanie joined the gift exchange between the adults. We just draw names, so we don’t have to buy for everyone. I had Steph’s name and she had mine! I got her an electric blanket for her cold dorm room and she got me a nice perfume that I’ve been wanting, some kind of new fangled Coke, and an awesome calendar personalized with photographs I’ve posted on Facebook over the past year or so! Even though Steph was in the name drawing, I could not resist buying her some small gifts. One of these was a selfie stick, which was fun to play with. I got Jess one too, since they don’t live in the same house any more!


Jess and I did not forget to take our photos by the hats we drew in 2010. We tried to take our photo with the selfie stick but after a lot of misfires, we just had mom take the photo. Look how much we’ve grown!


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Dinner at the Matsudas

October 28th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Erik, Swede, Safina

Safina and Swede playing ball with Dallas and Erik

Racing trophies

Aunty Nancy said the kids have brought these to school for Show & Tell!

Ahi Sashimi

Mountains of ahi sashimi!!

Portuguese Meat, Aunty Nancy’s Specialty

Party People

In the house tonight…

Swede and the family cat.

Safina and Swede putting sprinkles on the cake.

Safina and Swede blowing out candles.

Dallas’s family’s best friends on Kauai are the Matsudas. They live just down the road from where Dallas and his family lived and we try to see them every time we go back to Kauai. Some years it’s just the family and us and some years, like this year, there are a lot of people. I think because Dallas’s parents were with us and a lot of their friends came over.

After the drag races we headed over to the Matsuda’s house. Uncle Bob and Uncle George and the others had to finish up at the race track and put the car back into storage so they met up with us later. Every time we come to Kauai, no matter what, Aunty Nancy makes Dallas his favorite dish that only she makes: Portuguese Meat. At least that’s what they call it (Aunty Nancy is Portuguese). This year she also got this enormous platter of ahi sashimi. Seriously, it was the biggest plate of sashimi I’ve ever seen… and probably the best-tasting too.

It was fun to see everyone again. Safina and Swede are growing up so big! They are such nice and open kids. Right away they fell right in with us. Swede was saying “Uncle, Uncle look at this!” to Dallas and kept bringing things out. We played ball and helped them decorate a cake for everyone (just the sprinkles). We’re not positive if it was someones birthday or if the kids just wanted to blow out candles.

So nice to see everyone and visit! Until next time..!

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Portuguese Vinegar Meat

February 12th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Whenever we go back to Kauai Dallas’s Aunty Nancy makes Dallas’s favorite meal for him and sends him home to wherever we’re staying with a ton of leftovers for the trip. Aunty Nancy is Portuguese and the dish she makes is like a beef pot roast, but really vinegar-y and served with rice, of course. I don’t know what this is really called, but we have always called it Portuguese Vinegar Meat and Dallas loooves it.

A few months ago Dallas was in Washington DC for work. Aunty Nancy’s oldest daughter Tandy lives there with her husband Chris. They just had their first baby, Kai (photo to the right!!!), and Aunty Nancy has been staying with them to help out. They all spent a couple days together and somehow Dallas got Aunty Nancy to give up the Portuguese meat recipe!

Dallas came home and immediately had to try his hand at it. It turned out good.. maybe a little too much vinegar for my liking, but very good. I think we have a few tweaks to work out before it’s up to Aunty Nancy’s standard. I’m sure we’ll be making this many many times until we get it exactly right! We also thought about trying to adapt it for the slow cooker.

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