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Popbar Customizable Popsicles

May 26th, 2012 · No Comments

Popbar in the West Village

Inside is just a counter of popsicles and a space to pay.

Many different gelato, yogurt and sorbetto flavors.

Customizing the pop!

Peanut butter gelato pop with dark chocolate coating and hazelnuts.

Jeannette, Yvan, Jess

Rachelle, Jeannette, Jess

Nearby my old apartment there’s a new place called Popbar. The concept is so easy, but so unique. They have premade popcicles of many different flavors and ranging from gelato to yogurt to sorbetto. If your tastes are simple, you go in, buy a popsicle and call it a day. But the really fun (and delicious) part is customizing your popsicle.

Step 1: Choose your popsicle flavor.
Step 2: Choose a dip – dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. Or a combination of the three!
Step 3: Choose a topping (or two, or more!) – almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, shredded coconut, granola, coffee grains, chocolate sprinkles (or jimmies, as Jess calls them).

I got the peanut butter gelato with a dark chocolate dip and hazelnut topping. So good. Nice tasty treat for a hot day.

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Sunday Afternoon at Wrigley

July 28th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Popsicle, Wrigley Field, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Cubs Win!, Wrigley Field, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Rachelle & Jessica, Wrigley Field, Wrigleyville, Chicago

Yesterday I woke up and was finally able to eat and drink something. I had toast and some water. Jessica came over and we played Rock Band for a while. Oh, did I forget to mention that we upgraded to PlayStation 3 and that Dallas got Rock Band when I was in Cape Cod? We did. So we played some new songs that Dallas had downloaded. Then we headed over to Wrigley. Jill and Brian gave me two of their tickets so Jess and I went to the game with them. On the way over we were so hungry for pizza. There were two pizza-by-the-slice places we went by but neither were open. This is not NY for sure! Finally we just went to Taco Bell by Wrigley Field and ate bean burritos. A nice first meal after not having eaten for like 30 hours!

The game was fun. It was nice outside and the Cubs won. There was a little baby with a family in front of us.. probably 9 months old? Less than a year, I think. Jess got a popsicle and that baby sure did want it! Brian was teasing her for “teasing” the baby. I think this was the first game that I didn’t even have one beer or hotdog at. I for sure didn’t want to drink after being so sick on Saturday.

After the game we walked Brian and Jill home and were going to head back to my house, but accidentally got distracted by shopping on Southport.

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