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Office Secret Santa Gift Exchange and Party

December 19th, 2014 · No Comments


This year Meenasha took over the coordination of the office secret santa gift exchange and party. It’s grown so much since our first exchange in 2012. SO fun! I was excited to participate, since I missed out last year when I was on maternity leave.

I got Ashley’s name and I don’t know her that well, so I did “drive bys” down her desk aisle to check out her desk and stalked her social media accounts online. I ended up getting her a Star Wars moleskin (based on her posting the new Star Wars movie teaser trailer and also posting something on Field Notes), a Japanese pen, a santa spatula (because she said online that she bakes) and an Intelligentsia gift card (because she had a mug on her desk). She said it was perfect and was really surprised!!

My secret santa, Laura, knew I like to take photos because we were on an office photography committee together a few years ago. She also guessed correctly that I don’t have much time to fiddle with my DSLR camera lately, so she got me a selfie remote for my iPhone and also a telephoto lens that attaches to my iPhone. Awesome. I’ve been having fun especially with the remote.

Jeremy got a Bears chip and dip set and guessed that I gave it to him… but come on! I don’t spend my money on Bears merchandise!! What a fun office event. Can’t wait til next year!

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A walk on California, from Armitage to Milwaukee

February 22nd, 2013 · 1 Comment

Steve recommended Dodd Camera to me, so last weekend I took my camera there for a cleaning. I’d been noticing some spots in my photos and usually that means the sensor is dirty. I’ve had the camera for 6 years and have never gotten it cleaned, so I guess it was due! Anyway…. I didn’t wait around for the cleaning, but they called me to come pick it in less than 24 hours of when I dropped it off. Dodd is close enough to my house that that I walked there and back when I picked my camera up. On the way back home, I took some photos. This was with my 24-105 lens, which I need to practice on in the next month, in preparation for a trip! So, here are some photos I took on my walk from Dodd Camera, home.


Tastee Freez is an old time-y ice cream stand that is only open in the warm months.



I took Jess (B) there once for a sweet treat.


I noticed that Brand BBQ was all papered up. A sign on the door said that they’re doing renovations. Who knows if that’s true or not. Dallas and I ate there once when they first opened a few years ago and didn’t love it. I don’t think we’ve ever been back.


This part of Logan Square is really in flux. New stuff next to old stuff, more well off next to less well off.


Some of the buildings are really old and ornamental.


Some of the buildings are very new.


Salem Evangelical Free Church seems to have been around forever.


Here I spotted some graffiti made of wood. I can’t remember the artist who does this, but his “work” is all around Logan Square and Bucktown.


Bang Bang Pie used to be a food truck before they opened a storefront in 2011.


Ronny’s was a dive-y bar that closed in 2010 and has been empty since.


Funky old house.


I was taking some photos of the Chicago Fire Department, Station #43, when this happened:




Engine #43 has a Facebook page they use to stay in touch with the local community.


They’re also the station that responded to the fire behind our house. Thankful to have them so closeby!



This used to be Pancho’s, a Mexican/Puerto Rican restaurant/bar/performance space. Now it’s Township, an American, with a slightly Indian twist, restaurant/bar/performance space. I went to Township with Jess (G) once for dinner and it was decent. I’ve been meaning to go back.


Little Mel’s. One place I haven’t been!


Entrance to the California stop on the Blue Line.


Under the Blue Line tracks, facing northwest.

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Revolution Brewing

May 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Demonstrating to Dallas the awesomeness that is the AutoStitch iPhone app on an oddly dead lunch hour at Revolution Brewing. View larger.

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