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A Visit to the Genius Bar

October 21st, 2013 · No Comments


After about 4 years of good performance, my MacBook decided it didn’t like me yesterday. I was using it without the power cord and the screen went black. I plugged it in and tried to turn it on and this is what I saw:


Paul Baker and a few others helped me out on Facebook and eventually I got super lucky and was able to get to a spot where I could do a backup. But then after that… nothing. So, this morning we headed to the Apple store in Lincoln Park. Turns out the computer needs to be sent out because the microprocessor is DONE. Also, the battery is shot, but I knew that already. I can only have the machine unplugged for a little bit before it dies.

So, my laptop has been sent out for repairs. Not really money I wanted to spend right now, but what can you do? I guess it’s cheaper than replacing the computer. Also? Not really what I wanted to do on my 40th week of pregnancy. Luckily it was a quick trip and I could go back home and… nap…

Hoping that they can fix it and that the issue is only what they determined at the store. Cross your fingers!

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Gapers Block Hot Dog Cookoff

July 16th, 2013 · 1 Comment





Later on Saturday afternoon we met up with Sara, Alden, Paula and Kate for the Gapers Block Hotdog Cookoff in the Schuba’s parking lot. This was a pretty cool event. Participating chefs from Kuma’s Corner, Harmony Grill, The Haute and The Dog, ManBQue, and Gapers Block started with Vienna Beef hot dogs and then used them to cook up whatever they wanted. Fat Rice was supposed to participate, but for some reason was not there. Ok with me. I’m kind of annoyed with them right now!

Kuma’s Corner hotdog: Spicy chili and lots of veggies.

Gapers Block hotdog: Thai hotdog kebab.

ManBQue hotdog: A stuffed Mexican hotdog with refried beans, cheese and chicharones, among other things.

Harmony Grill hotdog: Bacon, jalapeno jam, Cheetos-coated fried onions

The Haute and The Dog hotdog: Cheese-stuffed hotdog taco with pulled pork.

Some of the chefs did a hot dog in a bun with crazy toppings, but others did some pretty imaginative stuff. Gapers Block made a Thai hotdog kebab and The Haute and The Dog did a kind of taco hotdog with pulled pork added on the top.



After tasting all of the entries (luckily they were served in half-hotdog portions!) it was time to vote. I really liked Harmony Grill’s hotdog. If I remember correctly, this dog was cooked in bacon fat and had jalapeno jam that was actually pretty sweet. There were some Cheetos fried onions on the top and also some bacon in there somewhere, I think. YUMYUM. Everyone got a slip of paper that they submitted at competitor tables to vote. If you wanted you could also vote “the Chicago way,” by stuffing the ballet boxes with money!



In addition to the popular, people’s choice vote, there was also official judging done by experts! Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s, David Lissner “The Food Dude“, and Bruce Kraig, author of Man Bites Dog conferred at the end, while Paul Baker tried to listen in, and chose a winner.


Funny thing: ManBQue won both the popular vote and the judges vote! They had a Sonora hotdog that they told me is popular in Northern Mexico and Arizona. Sara thinks she should be a judge next year, since she picked ManBQue as her favorite too!


All in all, we had a really fun time and felt good knowing that all of the proceeds will benefit Reach Out and Read Illinois, an early literacy organization.

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Paul Baker’s Birthday at Headquarters Beercade

February 3rd, 2013 · 1 Comment









For his birthday, Paul Baker got everyone together at Headquarters Beercade. This is a new(ish) arcade/bar that opened in the fall. We had fun playing a bunch of arcade games and pinball games and celebrating Paul’s birthday.

Headquarters had most of the same arcade games that Emporium has, the bar/arcade place we’ve been to in Wicker Park. I couldn’t help but compare the two places. Headquarters lets you play the games for no charge, where Emporium charges a quarter. I almost like paying the quarter more because then there are consequences when you die. At Headquarters you just keep pressing “Continue” til infinity if you want. It makes it so it doesn’t matter if you die. And also people can hog the machines forever! Headquarters is a little more of a sports bar feel. They have a lot of TVs and even when the games were over, they played some old Hulk Hogan WWF and American Gladiators. Both bars have good beer lists.


Dallas left after a few hours to meet some other friends. At some point after midnight Jess and I went and met Chris, Tim and Ken at Barrelhouse Flat. I’ve always wanted to go there after hearing my coworker Garrett talk about it. We had some fancy drinks and fancy popcorn. Then everyone said it was time to go home, but I went and met Alden for some decidedly not fancy tacos at Arturo’s. Somehow it was 3am and I had to go. Dallas and I got home at pretty much the exact same time. Long night. .. but fun. Happy bday, Paul!

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