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Superbowl XLVI

February 6th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Yesterday Jen and Chad hosted a superbowl party. I went, but Dallas is in Las Vegas, so he missed out. Or, I’m sure he’d say we missed out on his fun in Vegas. There was a ton of great food. Everyone brought something. I brought these cute (if I do say so myself) cookies.

I am not a huge fan of sugar cookies, so I made these chocolate roll-out cookies that I found on Smitten Kitchen. I decorated with both royal icing and chocolate royal icing using the outline and flood method. The Giants and the Patriots were playing so I took their quarterbacks numbers to use on the jerseys. Eli Manning is #10 and Tom Brady is #12.

The cookies were pretty good, but I think I’m still not a huge, huge fan of roll-out cookies with royal icing. There were plenty of kids at the party, though, and they all seemed to love the cookies. I don’t know if their parents loved how red and blue their mouths became after a cookie or two, but, oh well!

I didn’t really favor either team, but since the Giants beat the Packers and pushed them out of the race, I sort of wanted them to win. And they did.

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