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Hanako’s First Birthday

November 4th, 2014 · No Comments




On Sunday we celebrated Hanako’s first birthday. Hana is actually one day older than Makai. It is so fun to see her and for she and Makai to hang out together. There were lots of kids at the party and Makai had a fun time playing with them and with all the toys at Doug and Naoko’s (4 kids = lots of toys!). This was our third weekend of first birthday parties, including Makai’s. Kind of crazy how many babies were born right around the same time as Makai. It will be great for him to grow up with so many friends his age!

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Doug and Naoko’s Labor Day Party

August 31st, 2014 · No Comments

Makai trying to play with Eddy, Harmony and Kenji.

Hana, one day older than Makai.

Makai hanging out with the men, who were gathered around the grill

This is the 8th year, by my count, that we’ve gone to Doug and Naoko’s Labor Day barbecue. Last year they didn’t host a barbecue Naoko was very pregnant and had 3 kids running around. Kind of a lot to try to host a big party too! I was also very pregnant. Doug and Naoko’s daughter, Hana, was born one day before Makai! While the big kids* – Tommy, Kenji, Eddy, Vince, Harmony, and others – were off playing Hana and Makai stayed back and played with each other and with the adults. It was supposed to rain but the weather stayed perfect all day. As always, great food and nice to see everyone!

* It feels weird to say Tommy and Vince and the others are the “big kids” but compared to Makai and Hana, they are! Also, Mitch and Chris were there and they’re both teenagers, so maybe not the “biggest kids.”

Doug & Naoko like to have a Labor Day party every year. Here are some photos from years past:

2005: we played a lot of horseshoes
2006: Jordan brought fresh smoked salmon from Alaska. He’d just been on a trip there.
– 2007: No Party? Or just no photo or post?
2008: Lots of kids. First year I noticed that?
2009: Also celebrated Aunty Gail’s retirement. One more photo from that year.
2010: Doug & Naoko have a new house
2011:Two new babies – Eddy and Ty – and Caroline and Danny expecting one more.
2012: How did the kids get so big?????

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Aunty Gail’s 70th Birthday Party

May 28th, 2013 · No Comments

Siblings: Uncle Sonny, Uncle Neil, Aunty Gail, Aunty Laura, Uncle BB

Aunty Gail blowing out her candles. Someone was nice and only put 7 on the cake!

Front: Tyler, Amanda, Aly, Aunty Karolyn, Aunty Gail, Aunty Laura, Aunty Peggy. Back: Uncle BB, Aunty Glenna, Brad, Uncle Sonny, Doug, Mitch, Naoko, Tommy, Kenji, Chris, Dallas, Jeff, Eddy, Rachelle, Heather, Uncle Neil

On the way home from the lake house on Sunday we swung by Aunty Gail’s 70th birthday party at Doug and Naoko’s house. It was a surprise, but we missed the surprise part. We arrived just in time to eat, actually! Everyone wanted to hear about our trip to Japan and we got a chance to thank Naoko in person for her Jiro hookups!

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