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Hawaiian Thanksgiving with Billy and Ging Ging

November 28th, 2011 · 4 Comments

Billy & Dallas


Two Hawaiian guys, slippers, Hawaiian t-shirts, hibachi, kalbi. Yep, looks like a Hawaiian-themed Thanksgiving!

Hawaiian-Themed Thanksgiving Dinner

For the holiday we went to visit Billy and Ging Ging in the East Bay. We’d originally planned on skipping all the traditional Thanksgiving food and just ordering Hawaiian platters from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, but whattaya know? L&L is closed on Thanksgiving. So we ended up making Thanksgiving dinner, but still tried for Hawaiian style instead of the American classics.

Hawaiian-Themed Thanksgiving Dinner

Dallas and Billy took care of the meats: Kalbi Korean short ribs and chicken katsu. Ging and I made the rest. Mostly Ging, ok at least under her supervision. We made a chinese salad with ramen crunchies, a warmed spinach/cranberry/pecan salad, tofu, mac salad (with and without wahoo/ono), mashed sweet potato, and fresh pineapple with li hing powder. For dessert we made haupia and a pumpkin mochi.

Damien & Matt

Matt and Amy joined us for dinner. Made made lemon meringue pie and they brought a couple bottles of wine as well.

Damien & Billy

Matt, Amy, Billy

Ging Ging, Damien, Dallas, Rachelle

Amy wasn’t sure what Billy and Ging meant when they said we were having Hawaiian foods for Thanksgiving but when we told her the menu she told us she was looking forward to all of that more than turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes!

Matt’s beautiful lemon meringue pie.

Lemon meringue pie, haupia, pumpkin mochi.

Ging and I prepared dessert plates for everyone. Each got a slice of Matt’s lemon meringue pie, a piece of haupia topped with chocolate pudding and freshly-whipped cream (kind of like haupia pie with no crust), and a piece of pumpkin mochi. The mochi didn’t really stand up to the sweetness of the pie or haupia, but when we ate it the next day on it’s own it was much better. The lemon mirengue pie was so delicious. I ate it for breakfast the next day too! And the haupia reminded me of Hawaii. I made it the night before. It was simple with a mix that Ging had from Lihue.

Ging (talking to her family & rubbing baby #2 due in April!), Matt, Amy, Billy, Damien, Dallas

After dinner and after Damien went to bed we watched a couple of movies: Super 8 and 50/50. I saw 50/50 in the theater and really liked it. I thought Super 8 was pretty good too.

I love turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and pecan pie, but this was a good alternative dinner and I was glad we did it! Also, remind us to tell you the story about how Billy and Ging don’t have a TV but borrowed one (+Direct TV). And then Dallas and Billy had to configure it so we could watch the football games on Thanksgiving. Craziness!

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Coast Grille at the Hapuna Beach Prince

March 23rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

We checked into the Hapuna Beach Prince in the early evening and after we were settled we decided to get dinner. We were kind of tired from travel and just wanted to eat at the resort. I looked into our dining options and saw that there were two restaurants open – Ocean Terrace and Coast Grille. Both menus looked good, atmosphere seemed good, both required “resort attire.” I made the executive decision to go to Coast Grille, which was a bit more pricey than Ocean Terrace. I was just in the mood to have a really nice, quiet dinner together since it was the first time we were on our own since the wedding. Heck, the first time in 12 days, probably. And since we were going to be spending upcoming days with friends, it was our only night to have a nice quiet dinner. Plus, we had our fists full of wedding money!

We were not really sure what “resort attire” was. Dallas wore a nice aloha shirt, shorts and leather slippers. I wore a nice shirt and a skirt. When we got there, we seemed a little under dressed, a feeling I never felt before in Hawaii! We didn’t really care, though, and neither did the restaurant. I just think it is funny that Dallas basically wore what he wore to our wedding and he was under dressed. Ha.

The hostess said she’d have to check on a seat for us and I was afraid that it was going to be a long wait, but within 10 minutes we were seated. We were on a terrace, which I think overlooks the ocean, but honestly, it was so dark we couldn’t see anything. I liked that we were at the end of the terrace near a server stand and in an area that was not very trafficked by anyone except our server, so it was nice and quiet.

Our waitress introduced herself. She was a cute older lady that you just wanted to call Aunty! She was very helpful and curteous and I liked that she didn’t stick around and get in our way. We really just wanted to eat a quiet meal in peace. The lighting of the restaurant was really dark out there, but I didn’t mind. I just wanted to sit there and listen to the ocean!

I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and Dallas had a Kona Brewing Big Wave. Dallas might have had 2 beers, I only had one glass of wine. I think that the vacation was starting to take it’s toll! We had been drinking every day for about 12 days at that point, so we had to lay off!

First off, we were served bread in a bread basket. I had to remind myself not to fill up on bread becuase there was a really good olive loaf in there that I could have wolfed down. It was so salty and yummy with the slightly sweet butter. But, I was really psyched for good seafood, so I laid off!

For pupus, Dallas and I split the Seasonal Oysters in the half shell. I can’t remember where they were from, but they were not local (Sidenote: Do Hawaiian oysters even exist?). Maybe it was the ocean breeze or 12 days of drinking, but even though these oysters were not local, they were the best I ever had, I swear! We also split the Ahi Poke Tempura Roll, which was like maki with poke in the middle, then the whole roll was battered and fried. Good too. Not as good as the oysters.

Dallas and I each got a salad, the same salad, the Kamuela Spinach Salad. Kamuela is a town about 12 miles up the road, so if this spinach was from there, it could not have been more local. The salad also had red onion, goat cheese made on the Big Island, house-made bacon, and a warm mustard vinaigrette. This salad was soooo good. The tanginess of the cheese, saltiness of the bacon, creaminess of the cheese, crispness of the spinach. So good.

For an entree Dallas had the Pan Roasted Kurobuta Pork Chops. I don’t have much info on how this was prepared because it was a special that night, but Dallas seemed to really like it. The Prince is owned by a Japanese company and they have a lot of Japanese guests. The table next to us got a completely different menu than we did, all in Japanese. Anyway, we’re thinking the Kurobuta was served because it is a Japanese name for a certain quality of pork.

I had the Coast Grille Seafood Trio, which was three Hawaiian fish – Mahi, Ahi, and Ono – cooked however the chef wanted with a side of coconut rice. This was really delicious and exactly what I was in the mood for. The fish pieces were on the small side, but there were three of them, so in the end it was just the right size.

Bad lighting, brand new rings

We had a look at the dessert menu, but nothing stood out. Plus, we were rather full, so we decided to skip it. All-in-all it was a great, quiet, romantic dinner.

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Roundarch Holiday Party

December 4th, 2010 · No Comments

This year we had our Roundarch holiday party at Epic, just around the corner from our office. Epic is somewhat new, so I was interested in checking it out. Our party was held on the second floor, which also goes up to a dining area on a third floor. It was a cool space. For dinner the main dishes were short ribs and Hawaiian ono. Dallas and I were chuckling at all the people who didn’t know what ono was. Both entrees were really good. I actually preferred the short ribs. Like last year, I didn’t really take that many photos. I had a fun time socializing with my coworkers and their plus ones. At about 11 or so we decided to go. We had a big weekend ahead of us and didn’t want to blow it all on Friday night… at least that was the plan…

On the cab ride home I was falling asleep. Just as we were pulling up to our major cross streets, Paul Baker texted me that he was a block from our house. We jumped out of the cab and he and Kate were standing on the corner. We ended up having a drink or two with them and closing down Logan Bar & Grill! So much for going home early, but it was fun to see Paul and Kate again.

Roundarch Holiday Party 2009
Roundarch Holiday Party 2008
Roundarch Holiday Party 2008 (Just for my client team)

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