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Pizza Party

January 7th, 2014 · 1 Comment


On Saturday we went to Danny and Caroline’s for a pizza party. Danny, Rory and Quinn were hard at work in the kitchen, putting out 5 pies total. Delicious!

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September 1st, 2013 · No Comments


Cryptic title to this post? Roundarch Isobar‘s User Experience practice took some time out last week to head over to Oak Park. We visited the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio and got a tour. We also toured the neighborhood to see other Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings, although I bowed out of this part because 1) I had to go to Downers Grove for a client meeting and 2) it’s HOT HOT HOT out. I enjoyed the home and studio tour, although I went on the tour with my brother not too long ago. Last time I bought the photo pass and took many photos of the home and studio. Check them out here.

James, Jme, Rachelle, Anandi, Nitya, Adam, Mike, Kim, Waleed, Ryan, Michelle, Randy, Garrett, Becky.

After the tours, we headed over to Maya Del Sol, in the downtown area of Oak Park, for dinner and drinks. We had a really great waiter who explained to us that the restaurant is a Latin fusion cuisine and that, actually, the chef is Jamaican, so it was quite a mix of things. I had the Arepa de Ropa Vieja, which was stewed beef with a polenta cake, pico de gallo, queso fresco and aji-amarillo sauce. The polenta cake was wonderfully grilled on the outside and moist and flavorful on the inside and topped with the most tender, delicious beef. My dish was so good! I think most people were also very satisfied with their meals. We sat inside, but it looked like they had a great outdoor patio. Also, people really enjoyed the drinks. There was a long list of specialty drinks and the waiter said anyone of them could be made “virgin.” He suggested the Mangaso, which was made with mango puree, fresh lime juice, and had chili powder on the rim. There’s also mango rum, usually, but I passed on that part. I had two of these and they were so tasty and refreshing. Definitely check out Maya Del Sol if you’re ever in Oak Park looking for a place to eat or have drinks.

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Rory’s First Birthday

February 18th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Aunty Glenna, Kenji, Amanda and Tyler

Caroline with Rory and her friend Kim. Kim’s daughter’s birthday is only two weeks from Rory’s.


Rory feeling skeptical about what’s about to happen.

Maybe it’s ok.

No, it is definitely NOT ok.

Eddy was very willing to fill in! He’s one year older than Rory.

Kenji blowing bubbles at me.

Dallas & Quinn, Best Buddies

Time for presents. Caroline and Rory had lots of help from the other kids at the party.

Packers football! Who could that be from?

Eddy wants to help!

Chad, Ed, Dallas, Quinn, Jen

I can’t believe Rory can be a year old already, but this past weekend we celebrated his first birthday! Danny’s friend owns a cute little restaurant in Forest Park called Amelia’s and closed it down for the afternoon for the party. I was sort of dreading going to Forest Park, but it only took us about 20 minutes to get there from our house! The party was a fun mix of family and a bunch of our friends. Rory was not into the cake at all, but he seemed to like the opening of presents. Well, I think he liked the paper the best.

After the party we went to Danny and Caroline’s house in Oak Park to hang out some more. Somebody had to drink all the leftover beer and it might as well be us. And Ed! Rory missed his nap because of the party and somehow stayed awake and happy long into the night. And he did eat a bit of cake once the pressure was off and he was seated comfortably in his high chair at home.

Happy birthday, Rory!

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