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Super H Mart

November 14th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Super H Mart :: Niles, IL

Come to H Mart and try some peaches. You will fall in love.



Banana Flower, Aloe, Lemongrass, ToranDae

Wei-Chuan Preserved Duck Eggs

Just a few different kinds of kimchi to pick from.

Fish so fresh it’s alive!

Yes! I often feel this way about chips.

Marukome Miso – Chipotle flavor!

What we came for: Kalbi

Two whole aisles of nori

Bleh!! Beef bile & pork blood!

Sempio “salad sauce”

Many kinds of oil.

Fujiya candy at the checkout.

I got bibimbap at Durebak in the food court and it was not very good.

Not very tasty bibimbap.

Lots of toy vending machines at the exit.

Also, when we left we passed a Korean Best Buy inside the store.

Korea Times newspaper.

In preparation for my birthday barbecue back in September, Dallas and I went shopping out at the Super H-Mart in Niles. This Asian supermarket reminded me a lot of Mitsuwa, except that Mitsuwa is more Japanese and Super H-Mart is more Korean. (See my visit to Mitsuwa here.) But, it’s basically the same concept. Huge grocery area, a section of rice cookers and housewares, other stores around the edges, a liquor store, and a food court. Differences I noticed at H-Mart were that the produce section was really huge, in the other retail stores area there was a Best Buy with everything in Korean, and the seafood area had live fish.

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