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On the Eve of Our Wedding

March 18th, 2011 · No Comments

So, the day before the wedding. I don’t know what people were expecting of me, but relaxed and calm wasn’t it! I spent the day lounging around the pool, while people asked me a thousand times “Aren’t you getting excited!?” and “Shouldn’t you be doing something!?” Luckily I had everything worked out with Marlene, our planner before we left Chicago and she was taking care of all the work. Pretty much all we had to do was show up. This is why we paid for a wedding planner!

The only 3 things I needed to do were 1) Get my nails done. 2) Bring the wine to the venue. 3) Attend family dinner.

I woke up early in the morning to head to a local nail salon in Kalaheo. I’d considered getting a manicure and pedicure at one of the local resort spas, but when I saw that the combo starts at about $150 and goes up at some of these places, I decideded to get a recommendation from our wedding planner. She suggested Healani’s Nails.

Healani is the woman who runs Healani’s Nails. It was a nice, quaint locals kind of place. Healani, herself, did my nails. She told me she used to work at the Hyatt spa that charges those rediculous prices, so I felt good knowing I was probably getting about the same treatment but for about a third of the price!

After my appointment I stopped in at the Hawaiian Trading Post, at the corner of Koloa Road and Kaumu’alii Hwy. I’d passed by this place a million times and never stopped. They have an amazing selection of Tahitian black pearls and Niihau shell leis. They also have a ton of really affordable jewelry and other unique souvineers. I got at least 3 necklaces and a few pairs of earrings, I think.

After going back to the house and laying by the pool for a while. All the guys got back from golfing and Limey made this moving toast one day early.

Jess B and I got lunch at Kalapaki Joe’s and I was talking about our wedding planner and how she had everything taken care of and how she made this awesome event plan for us. I opened the plan to show it to Jess and realized that there was a task assigned to us for the day that we overlooked: Bringing the wine to the venue. No problem. After lunch Jess and I brought it over there… nice thing about staying less than a mile from the venue!

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