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First Wives Club at the Oriental Theatre

March 29th, 2015 · No Comments

My mom and I have a tradition of going to see a play or musical or opera or dance show every year and for the past two years this tradition was put on hold because…. Makai. I blame him! I actually thought we went to something in 2013, and only missed last year, but I can’t remember now. I don’t think we did. This year we finally got our act back together and saw First Wives Club at the Oriental Theatre. We went to matinee, so we didn’t really do the dinner and a show thing, although we did stop for treats at Magnolia Bakery afterwards, order in Roots that night and went to Chicago Diner the following morning. So, there’s that.

First Wives Club wasn’t really even on my radar, but I came across a really great (half off!!) deal on really great (8th row, orchestra) seats and couldn’t pass it up! To be honest, I wasn’t sure when it first started, if I was going to like it, but I settled in and it ended up being really good. The second half, I liked better.. but I understand how they had to set everything up in the first half. Funny. And some really great performances. Now I need to watch the movie, which I’ve never seen!

Here are all of the dinner-and-a-show days we’ve done over the years:

2012: Buona Terra and Showboat at the Lyric Opera
2011: Gosu & Beauty and the Beast
2010: El Nandu & Hubbard Street Dance
2009: Rhapsody & Jersey Boys
2008: Landmark & Dead Man’s Cell Phone at the Steppenwolf Theater
2007: Costello’s & Blue Man Group
2005/6: Hillary’s Urban Eatery (HUE) & Wicked
2004: Petterino’s & Mamma Mia
Ze Olde Days (1999?): Riverdance in Milwaukee
Ancient Times (1997?): Lorie Line

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When did the theater on Webster get so fancy!?

February 2nd, 2015 · 1 Comment



I finally saw the The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with my brother and Jessica over the weekend. The movie has been out a long time so we only had two locations to pick from. The time that worked best brought us to the theater on Webster, which I haven’t been to for probably close to 2 years. I was surprised to see assigned seating, only 5 rows of seats, seats that recline all the way back at the press of a button, tables with every seat. Also, beer and wine at the concessions. And not crappy beer. My brother got some Ale Syndicate craft beer that’s made in my neighborhood.

The movie was pretty good. A good ending. I enjoyed it. You’ll love it if you love fight scenes. There’s a lot of fighting.

And with that comes the end of an era! My brother and I saw all of the Lord of the Rings movies together (the first one came out in 2001!). Even when I didn’t live nearby, we would see them together when I came home for Christmas because the movies always came out at Christmastime. After the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, then they made the three Hobbit movies. This was the last of those movies. I know they can’t make these movies forever, but I’ll miss the tradition!

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Guardians + Chicago Distillery + Emporium

August 11th, 2014 · No Comments

We left Makai at daycare a few hours late and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy IN THE MOVIE THEATER. Dallas hadn’t been to the theater since last October, before Makai was born, and I hadn’t been since January. After that we hit up two spots in Logan Square that we hadn’t been to yet – Chicago Distilling Company and Emporium Arcade Bar.



Chicago Distilling makes their own gin, vodka and white whiskey right here in Logan Square. Dallas had a gin and tonic, a drink that used to be his go-to in the olden days. He wanted to really taste the gin. I had a fancy grapefruit cocktail with the white whiskey. Nice. Cool spot. No food. You can also buy bottles of the booze to go and I’ve seen it at the Logan Square Framers Market too.




Emporium has a Wicker Park location that we’ve been to a bunch of times. The Logan Square location just opened a week or so ago. Dallas was there last week and liked it so I was glad to check it out. There are some arcade games and pin ball games, but the main focus is table games, like pool, foosball, air hockey, etc. All the beers are canned and there’s a permanent food truck inside that serves sandwiches. The place is huge and the buildout is really nice. I liked it a lot. We each had a can of beer off their extensive list then it was time to pick up Makai.

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