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A Quick Trip to New York

January 28th, 2014 · 1 Comment


For Christmas Dallas got me the airfare to take a quick trip to New York to see friends and I took the trip this past weekend.

I finally got to see Jess and Ted’s apartment in Hudson Heights, since they let me crash in their spare room. Their space is a work in progress, they think, but so far it’s so big and spacious and knowing Jess, you know how nice and stylish it looks! The apartment is FAR north in Manhattan, but they have a straight shot down on the A train to work. And actually, it wasn’t too bad getting around, even when we went to Queens. The Hudson Heights neighborhood seems really cute. I can’t wait to go back and visit in nicer weather so that we can check out The Cloisters and Fort Tyron Park.

I arrived late on Friday night because my flight was delayed. Ted was still at work so Jess and I got late drinks and dinner at 181 Cabrini. Jess’s apartment is only a block away from the train stop and a strip of commercial stuff – restaurants, delis, bodegas, bars – so it’s nice and convenient. It’s not like there are a million restaurants, like in some neighborhoods, but there is one of everything, and how many do you really need? Anyway, 181 Cabrini was cute and had a friendly bartender and waiter and good food. It was great to sit and catch up.



The next day Jess and I met up with Jeannette and Yvan and Juliette, who is now 9 months old. The last time I saw Juliette was in June, when she was about 6 weeks old! Jess and I took the A train to the 7 and went over to Long Island City, Queens, where they all live. From there we drove to Sripraphai Thai restaurant in Woodside. I realized that I’d been to Sripraphai TEN years ago and didn’t really care for it so much. But this time I loved it! Yvan said that the restaurant has really changed and grown since we first went a decade ago. I remember sitting in a dank basement and this time I saw they’d expanded their storefront on both sides. Everything was nice and bright and pretty. And the food was great. I loved the massaman curry we got with beef. The beef wasn’t like you usually get with the slices of beef, it was more like stewed. YUM!



And then because nothing changes, Jeannette wanted to get dessert. And she REALLY twisted our arms to get us to agree. We headed over to a gem of a French bakery that was hidden in a strip mall in Jackson Heights: Cannelle Patisserie. It had started snowing and everyone got coffee to warm up as well as a sampling of some of the delicious tarts. We had the praline crunch, napoleon, apple strip and lemon square. They were all SO good. We ate away and talked some more while Juliette, who was an angel the whole time, flirted with an older man enjoying a cup of coffee at the next table! We also all took something home. How could you resist the thought of a chocolate croissant for breakfast the next morning?


Jess and I headed back to Hudson Heights and because we’re all wild and crazy party animals, we cozied under some blankets and watched a maritime double header on Apple TV. We saw Robert Redford in All is Lost (good) and Captain Phillips the movie about the cargo ship taken over by Somali pirates (really good).


The next day was time to leave already. We got up and got ready. Yvan ran a half marathon in the morning but was still up for meeting with us in Jess’s neighborhood. So, Jeannette, Yvan, Juliette, Ted, Jess and I had brunch at Le Chéile. Afterwards, we stopped by Moscow on the Hudson, just to check it out. I guess it’s known to be the best Russian market in Manhattan. I had fun looking at all the different canned goods, candies, pastries and meats. And then? We stopped back to the apartment and it was time to go. :/

This was my first time away from Makai for more than a few hours, and it was hard to leave. Dallas was pushing me out the door, practically, but once I was gone, I was good. I mean… I still missed him like crazy, but it was great to see friends and be in New York and I’m glad I went. Thanks for the fun weekend, everyone!

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October 19th, 2013 · 1 Comment


Dallas and I saw the movie Gravity in 3D. Now THIS is a movie that has to be seen in 3D, not like all the ones coming out now that are done in 3D for no reason, except as a gimmick or to charge more. We ended up going to the Icon on Roosevelt* because the seats are more comfy and I wasn’t sure how sitting for an hour or two would affect me. We had originally planned to see the movie in 3D on the IMAX and I still think this would be worth the extra money to see on the IMAX, though we did enjoy it at the Icon.

As for the story, let’s just say it’s about space and a lot of things going wrong with the astronauts up there :). Basically, there are only a couple actors in 90% of the movie. I didn’t really read up on any of the story before going and found it to be really intense. Like gripping the armrest intense. And the cinematography and CGI is really beautiful.

See this movie, but in 3D or not at all! Better yet, go to the IMAX!!! Also, I kept thinking that with just a little bit of editing, this movie is beautiful enough to be shown at a planetarium. Those that have seen it, could you imagine it on the big dome? Now, THAT would be intense!

* This area on Roosevelt, the Roosevelt Collection, has really blown up! We’ve been going to this theater for a couple years and it seemed like FOREVER all the storefronts were empty. And now? Tons of stores.

** I keep getting this song in my head when I think about the movie:

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Getting Lost In Translation at the New York Bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo

May 2nd, 2013 · 1 Comment




park_hyatt_new_york_bar_1 park_hyatt_new_york_bar_3



park_hyatt_new_york_bar_2 park_hyatt_new_york_bar_band





Our friend, and Dallas’s coworker, Chris happened to be travelling around Japan at the same time we were. His last two days, in Tokyo, overlapped with us so we met up with him. He was living out a Lost in Translation dream by staying at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. We met up with Chris at the New York Bar, which is located in the hotel, and where several scenes from Lost in Translation were filmed.



The New York Bar is definitely upscale and spendy, but the views of Tokyo are amazing! And it was so cool to sit at the same bar where Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray sat in the movie. Dallas would like you to know that the band “was no Sausalito!”

Budweiser is more than Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Suntory.

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