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Out With Kamehameha Friends at Aloha Beer Company and Imua Lounge

November 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

Aloha Beer Company

Aloha Beer Company beer sampler.

Monte, Nalani, Alika, Donovan, BJ, Dallas

The day we arrived in Oahu we got our rental car, checked into our hotel room, changed and then met up with Dallas’s friends from Kamehameha Schools at Aloha Beer Company. This new brew pub just opened a few months ago, so it was fun to check it out. And fun to see old friends, of course!!!! So much to catch up on! A new baby for Alika, Donovan and Healoha are now engaged! After trying out all of the beer (literally, I had the sampler) and grinding on some Hawiian pupus, we decided to head to Imua Lounge.

Healoha heading into Imua Lounge

Monte doing the Monte thing.

Dallas singing Bust a Move, with Donovan and Healoha.

Hawaiian Language Karaoke.

Imua Kamehameha!

Going to Imua Lounge was either the best idea in the world or the worst. Actually, Healoha ordered a vodka drink and then we all did.. and that was probably the worst idea in the world. This night was definitely the most I drank all vacation and I totally felt it the next day! Imua Lounge is completely decked out in Kamehameha Schools pennants and memorabilia, including a huge sign with the entire fight song spelled out on it. And everyone there was a Kamehameha Schools alum. I was talking to some guys that weren’t even with us and they each told me the year they graduated. New grads, old grads, but all grads.

Imua Lounge had some crazy karaoke action, which would explain even more why Monte wanted to go there :). This was not your ordinary karaoke. Everyone in there was SOOO good. Really good. But Monte still made Dallas sing Young MC’s Bust a Move. The karaoke was available both in English and in Hawaiian, and not only that, but one guy sang in Samoan! Fun fun night. We definitely do not get to see these guys enough!

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Kamehameha vs. ‘Iolani for the State Basketball Championship

March 10th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Kamehameha vs. ‘Iolani

That night our friend, Dallas’s fellow Kamehameha Schools classmate, Monte came to pick us up at our hotel. The Kamehameha boys basketball team was playing ‘Iolani for the state championship at the Stan Sheriff Center on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. Last year Kamehameha lost the final game to ‘Iolani, so a lot was on the line.

Kamehameha Cheerleaders

We met up with a bunch of Dallas’s old classmates and some of their kids. Everyone was super excited. This was a big game.

Throughout the game the score was pretty close, within a few points. But then in the 3rd quarter Kamehameha went up and ‘Iolani could not get with it. Kamehameha ended up winning 64-53.

Monte took this horrible photo of us after the game (my camera’s fault, not Monte’s!):

Front: Healoha, Donovan, Dallas, Rachelle, Shannon, Keone. Back: BJ & Pam

After the game we went out to celebrate. Monte took us to a nearby sports bar called Rock Bottom (not the chain). Dallas’s classmate Alika was there and it was nice to see him again. At some point we were ushered into a seperate space and karoke began.

Nakanishi Twins on the left, wearing leis

That’s when I noticed we were partying with VIPs. Jessie Nakanishi, the Kamehameha Schools head coach, his twin brother and assitant coach Julian, and a few of the other Kamehameha Schools coaches were all there with us celebrating. Pretty crazy. The Nakanishis were one year behind Dallas’s class at Kamehameha schools. I was just watching this interview with Jesse. He looks so young!

Likelike Drive Inn

Later on that night, early in the morning, Monte took us to Likelike Drive Inn for breakfast. This place reminded me a lot of the Wailana Coffee House, a late-night spot we went to last time we were in town.

Monte, Rachelle

Loco Moco

I don’t know what Dallas and Monte got, but I dove into my loco moco with record speed! It was so delicious. Especially at 2:30 a.m.!

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Luau After Party in the Dorms

June 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment

As it got later in the night of the luau and nobody wanted to leave again. Everyone was having such a good time.

Back row: Garmon, Alika, Dallas, Kilo, Alan, xxx, Koa (and son), Lisa, Brandy
Middle row: BJ, Nalani, Donovan, Jacque, Roxanne, Monte, Rachelle, Jay, xxx, xxx, Hoku
Front row: Sheri, Kamu

The band Kapena was playing again. They’d played the night before at the Gordon Biersch party.

Kapena, Kamehameha Schools, Oahu

The girls danced a lot and the guys stood around with their hands in their pockets trying to look cool. Just like high school.

Back row: Alika, Jay. Front row: Haunani, Sheri, Jacque.

These guys all lived together for years when they boarded at the school.

Dallas, Jay, Kamu, Donovan, BJ, Alika, Kilo

Monte, Dallas, Jay, Kamu, Donovan, Alika, BJ, Kilo

After the luau a bunch of people went up to the dorms where there was a big party going on. We passed by this bench where all of the boarders used to always hang out, so everyone got there photo taken there for old times sake.

Back row: BJ, Dallas, Nalani, Kilo, Jay, Kamu, Monte.
Front row: Alika, Hoku, Roxanne, Donovan, Jacque, Sheri, Brandy

Nobody can remember what spurred this, but everyone was going crazy in this next photo.

Back row: BJ, Dallas, Nalani, Kilo, Jay, Kamu, Monte.
Front row: Alika, Hoku, Roxanne, Donovan, Jacque, Sheri, Brandy

Dallas loves this fruit punch. Probably 0% fruit. He stole a whole bunch of it to bring back to the dorms.


Walking through campus for the first time in 15 years was quite a trip for a lot of people. When we got to the dorm there was food and drink as far as the eye could see. Many stories to be told and memories to be shared. There were at least 1 or 2 rounds of everyone singing the Kamehameha Schools fight song. Everyone stayed and hung out well into the morning hours.



It was kind of sad to finally leave. And to think the next day how far it was in between the last time Dallas saw his friends til now and how long it may be til we see them again. But if we all make an effort we will stay in touch, even if it’s just online. A hui hou!

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