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Stringer Bell Will Fix It!

March 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

Somehow I found myself here one night:


UGH! It’s by our old office and basically an extension of Moe’s. Self pity! But then on the train ride home I looked up and saw this:


And all was well with the world.

I always forget that Idris Alba is British because I was so used to his American accent in The Wire. See the Tanqueray commercials and hear the British accent here.

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Bon Voyage!

February 12th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Last night Anjum and Aimee (and Garrett and Eric for a while) took me out for some after work drinks to wish me bon voyage and best wishes on the wedding. We were going to get wine and cheese like we did when I got engaged, but the place we wanted to go to didn’t open early enough. So we ended up just going next door to Moe’s Cantina, which is just fine for after-work drinks, but I heard gets extra douchey later at night.

Most people were drinking red sangria, but since I’d just been to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned a few hours earlier, I stuck with the clear liquors and drank caipirinhas and margaritas. We also figured we needed to do a shot. I suggested SoCo and lime, which is my new favorite shot, since Josh got it for us last weekend.

Just a few days to go now. Lots of errands to run this weekend and a few loose ends to tidy up. Packing Monday/Tuesday and then we’re off!

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Moe’s Cantina

January 14th, 2011 · No Comments

Last night I finally made it out to one of our office happy hours, even if it was only for one beer. It’s been ages! We went to Moe’s Cantina, which could not be closer to our office and has become quite popular with my coworkers since it opened a couple months ago. It’s really pretty inside and HUGE. I only had one beer and nothing to eat, so I can’t really comment on the drinks or food. I was surprised, though, that they don’t serve Corona? Weird. I want to come back one day for lunch and try the food.

On a side note, about a year ago my coworker Aimee and I were in Jay Robert’s Antiques and the owner told us that he owned the whole building and that he was opening Moe’s next door. So, here it is. I assume the antiques owner still owns Moe’s.

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