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Super H Mart

November 14th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Super H Mart :: Niles, IL

Come to H Mart and try some peaches. You will fall in love.



Banana Flower, Aloe, Lemongrass, ToranDae

Wei-Chuan Preserved Duck Eggs

Just a few different kinds of kimchi to pick from.

Fish so fresh it’s alive!

Yes! I often feel this way about chips.

Marukome Miso – Chipotle flavor!

What we came for: Kalbi

Two whole aisles of nori

Bleh!! Beef bile & pork blood!

Sempio “salad sauce”

Many kinds of oil.

Fujiya candy at the checkout.

I got bibimbap at Durebak in the food court and it was not very good.

Not very tasty bibimbap.

Lots of toy vending machines at the exit.

Also, when we left we passed a Korean Best Buy inside the store.

Korea Times newspaper.

In preparation for my birthday barbecue back in September, Dallas and I went shopping out at the Super H-Mart in Niles. This Asian supermarket reminded me a lot of Mitsuwa, except that Mitsuwa is more Japanese and Super H-Mart is more Korean. (See my visit to Mitsuwa here.) But, it’s basically the same concept. Huge grocery area, a section of rice cookers and housewares, other stores around the edges, a liquor store, and a food court. Differences I noticed at H-Mart were that the produce section was really huge, in the other retail stores area there was a Best Buy with everything in Korean, and the seafood area had live fish.

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My First Bibimbap

August 27th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Mitsuwa Marketplace, Arlington Heights, IL

My first bibimbap was from Mama House, located at Mitsuwa Marketplace.

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Doug & Naoko’s Holiday Party

December 31st, 2007 · 1 Comment

Tons of food!!

Naoko’s Desserts

Naoko’s Banana Custard

Naoko’s Chocolate Twinkie Train

On Saturday we went to Doug, Naoko and Tommy’s house for their annual holiday party with friends & family. Even though Doug told us that Naoko would only be making appetizers, we all knew better than to eat anything before going. Naoko is kind of Martha Stewart. All of the food she makes is so delicious and beautiful. She’s a fantastic cook and baker. And every time you think there couldn’t possibly be more food, she’d pull out something entirely new and set it out beautifully on the table.

This is what I remember she made: Cheese fondue with vegetables and bread for dipping, meatballs, two different noodle dishes, three types of maki (one had hotdogs and egg in it and is a favorite of the kids!), croissant sandwiches, a cheese board, spinach dip, potstickers, and chicken wings. Oh, and Chex mix that a drunken Doug told us 100 times was a secret family recipe of his grandmothers’. Just when you thought you couldn’t eat any more, Naoko pulls out a cake plate and arranges mini tiramisu and strawberry shortcakes, banana custard on the side and 3 different ice creams for the kids. Heather also brought some clam dip and I made Laura’s Cranberry Shortcake Streusel Bars (everyone loved them, even Chris, who doesn’t like cranberries) but we were no competition for Naoko!

Along with the food, we enjoyed many sake pours. Others had brought sake as well, but I liked the one we brought best. Danny had driven us out to Doug & Naoko’s house and on the way we were instructed to pick up a couple bottles of sake at Mitsuwa. We’re never really sure what kind is good, so I took photos of a sake bottle I still had at home from my 30th birthday. Doug and Naoko, who know what sake is good, had gotten it for me and for some reason I never threw the bottle away. It’s Ozeki Karataqmba and runs about $30/bottle at Misuwa, which is not bad because the bottle is pretty gigantic.

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