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Brian and Sara’s Wedding Reception

March 18th, 2012 · No Comments

Mariachi played during the cocktail hour.

Cocktail hour aperitivo: Chips, salsa, and guacamole.

Adam and Andy

Brett and Kelly with coconut drinks.

Brett and her coconut!

Even Dallas had one.

I noticed that the wedding photographer was taking shots of the wedding party on the pier at sunset. Beautiful!

Trevor and all his friends! Just kidding! He stepped away to smoke and take in the sunset.

Soon, everyone joined to watch the sun set.

The dinner setting was gorgeous during the sunset.

Table #5, Couple #1: Kate and Trevor

Table #5, Couple #2: Mitch and Emily

Table #5, Couple #3: Dallas and Rachelle

Table #5, Couple #4: Damian and Vanessa

The photo slideshow that friends put together. The photo showing is of ziplining in Hawaii on our wedding trip!

Surprise! Guy on stilts with a live marionette puppet!

We followed them down to the beach.

Fire dance!

Brian and Sara’s first dance as a married couple.

Everyone rushing the dancefloor!

Brian busting out some Michael Jackson moves. He also did his signature move, the worm.

“…. now I had…. the time of my life… ” (Josh and Kelly)

“…. I put my hands up, they’re playing my song….. “

It’s a Party in the USA Mexico

Mike and Todd

Josh and Dallas (and their horrible dance moves).

Mike, Todd, Josh, Dallas

Kelly and Vanessa

After Brian and Sara’s wedding ceremony, we all went back up to the palapa where a mariachi band was playing. On the boat I said something like I’d hoped there would be mariachi, so I was extra excited about this! The band played for the cocktail hour, where we chowed on salsa, guacamole, chips, and many, many fruity drinks. On this trip the Miami Vice had been the most favorited fruity drink, but during the cocktail hour the favorite was definitely the drink in the freshly chopped coconut!

For dinner we headed up to the upper palapa. Dallas and I were at Table #5 with Damian, Vanessa, Trevor, Kate, Mitch and Emily. We had been hanging around with all these guys for the whole vacation, so it was a fun table to sit at. Adam gave a really nice (and funny) speech during dinner and Brian’s brother Mike poignantly stood up to say that he wished their mother could be there with them that day.

Next, some friends put together a surprise slide show with photos of Brian and Sara throughout the years. At first everyone paused dinner just to watch the show and take a trip down memory lane with Brian and Sara, but it soon became apparant that this thing would go on forever, so dinner resumed. (I helped edit a lot of the photos, so I know there were over 500, which would auto-play for something like 40 minutes.)

At the end of dinner everyone was surprised when an elaborately dressed guy on stilts came in and was controlling a life-sized, real-live-person marionette puppet. This grand entrance was punctuated by the two guys following, who were playing a slide trombone and a drum! They moved all around the dinner space and then all the guests followed them to the beach where they performed a fire dancing show. Extra impressive, since it was a very windy day!

Next up, Sara and Brian had their first dance. After that everyone basically rushed the dance floor and it was nonstop til the end of the night! People danced their butts off! Especially to Brian’s favorite Miley Cyrus song! :) What a fun wedding! Thanks to Brian and Sara for inviting us to be a part of it!

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La Casa Del Tikin Xic, Isla Mujeres

March 9th, 2012 · No Comments

La Casa Del Tikin Xic

La Casa Del Tikin Xic

Dallas, Larry, Josh, Sara, Brian, Lynda

Vanessa and Damian visiting with Carrie and her husband?/boyfriend?

Getting an autograph from the great Eva Mendes

Our third stop, La Casa Del Tikin Xic, was a bit hard to find. In fact, I’m not even sure it was our intended destination, because some of our group never made it there. Or maybe they just couldn’t find it. Who knows. Things were getting a little jumbled by this point in the island golf tour! Also, the last photo is Josh getting an autograph from the great Eva Mendes to make the people who never made it here jealous! Kelly took one look later on and said “What? That’s Lynda!” … think whatever you want, Kelly!

I couldn’t find much online about La Casa Del Tikin Xic, but did see that it used to be called Playa Lancheros (Boatmans Beach?). Googling Playa Lanchero will bring up many more results and that’s where I found out that tikin xic (pronounced “teekeen sheek”) is a famous dish on Isla Mujeres. It is a dish made of white fish, usually grouper or drum or a local variety, that is prepared whole and marinated with adobo de achiote and sour oranges. It is then wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked. This would have been good to know beforehand. Instead I ordered chicken quesadillas and they had bones in them! Ew. But I did share a big mound of guacamole with Vanessa and Damian and it was SO GOOD.

La Casa Del Tikin Xic is right on the beach. There’s a big pavilion with a ton of seating , which is connected to a bar and what looked to be a dance floor? In the bar there was a jukebox that Josh commandeered and started annoyingly (to the people already there) and amusingly (to the workers) playing American dance songs, including Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.” I think we weren’t drunk enough to dance to that yet, even though it is Brian’s absolute favorite.

Outside there was a lot of chairs and tables set up and even some chaise lounge chairs. Some people were swimming. One area even had a long and skinny palapa with seating underneath. I loved sitting outside. So nice and relaxing.

Out on the pier there was a guy in a fenced in area who, for a few pesos, would let you get in the water with him and hold his pet shark. Before you freak out, it’s not like this was a Great White. It was a Nurse Shark, which is a bottom feeder that is generally not a threat to humans. Vanessa and I walked down the pier to take a look but it was so unimpressive that I completely forgot to even take a photo!

Aside from the chicken bones and the unimpressive shark, I really liked this place. You could probably spend a whole day here, eating and swimming and relaxing and having drinks. Oh, and who doesn’t love a sink like this?

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It’s a Party for Brian’s Birthday

October 17th, 2011 · No Comments

Before you read any of this, know that you have to sing the post title to the tune of Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA,” because that is Brian’s favorite song.

Lynda & Josh

Brett, Todd, Dallas, Rachelle. Dallas trying to make my camera signal closed eyes. He thinks the icon is racist! He’s not the only one.

Kelly (camera not even turned on), Todd, Brett

Adam, Birthday Boy Brian, Sara

Christine and Adam and to the left, Adam’s brother Todd

Larry and Lilia, Ang & Murph

Brian, Sara, Kelly

Larry is a giant.

On Saturday night we went out for Brian’s birthday. Sara, his fiance, arranged for 16 of us to have dinner at Sakura Teppanyaki. This was a Benihana kind of place where they cook the food on a hot grill in front of you and put on a show. Uh, not that I’ve ever been to Benihana, but I went to a similar kind of place on Mauai called Kobe Japanese Steak House way back in 2009. I haven’t been to anything like this since.

Let the show begin! If you want to see big fire, check out my photo from a similar restaurant on Maui!

Lots of shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken and steak.

Our chef messing with Brett & Kelly.

Setting up the onion volcano.

The volcano.

All of the teppanyaki dinners were served with a grilled shrimp appetizer, miso soup, salad, grilled vegetables and fried rice. Then you got to pick what kind of entree you wanted. There was a selection of different kinds of fish, chicken, steak, filet mignon, shrimp, scallops, lobster, or calamari. Or you could get a combo. I got steak and scallops. And I upgraded my fried rice to chicken fried rice. I liked everything I had, except I wouldn’t recommend the upgrade to chicken fried rice. It’s not worth it. Otherwise it was all good. Dinners range from about $18 – 30. Not too expensive for all of the food you get. I was so stuffed at the end of dinner.

As for our chef, he was pretty funny. He quickly detected which were the people to mess with and playfully teased them while cooking our dinner. He kept saying “No sake bomb, no happy!” so we bought him a sake bomb when we got a round for the table.

Almost all the ladies were drinking these 100-calorie martinis (on the left), sake bombs on the right.

Here’s the set up: Glass of beer, sake balanced on chop sticks.

All set?

Larry showing Brian how it’s done. Everyone pounds the table.

Then the sake falls into the glass. You can see Larry’s chopsticks flying and the sake glass inside the beer glass.

Our table had countless rounds of sake bombs. I think I had 2-3 total, but some people had more. A sake bomb is served with a glass of beer and a shot glass sized serving of sake. The drinker takes their chopsticks and lays them across the top of the beer pint glass. Then they balance the sake on the top of the chopsticks. This can be tricky after a few drinks. Ask Lynda. She accidentally dropped hers in early twice and had to drink her bomb before everyone was ready.

After you have the sake balanced you pound the table and it causes the sake to fall into the beer. The should be drank immediately. To be honest, the sake bombs mostly just tasted like beer to me, but because everyone feels the need to race and chug, and the fact that there is sake in there, it can make you drunk fast. Also, the sake glass falling into the beer can be really messy. I had a lap of beer on the first round. On the second I just dropped the sake in instead of doing the chopsticks and pounding. Not as fun, but definitely less messy!

Kelly, Brett, Lilia, Rachelle. Front: Lynda, Brian, Christine, Sara.

Some out takes!

After dinner we headed over to some really cheesy Lincoln Park bars. Good thing I was drunk because these were not my kind of places! I asked Brian if I was going to feel like an old lady at the bar we were headed to. You know… not old, just too old for the club, but he said just to sit back and watch and laugh, and so I did. So, we headed to Beaumont, which most people seemed to have been to but not for a long time and not proudly. And not so early. It was dead when we arrived. No one else was there. But in no time if was filled with single 20-somethings. It was actually kind of painful to watch.

The Store til Four

Don’t ask. It was late. I get the willies just looking at this photo!

Later on we went down a few buildings to The Store.. ahem… The Store til 4. Any bar with “til 4″ in the name is probably not a good idea. I’m looking at you Tai’s til 4! I learned that lesson a few times many years ago. But Dallas and I didn’t stay out anywhere near 4 a.m. I think we caught a cab home at 2 or so.

I didn’t see Brian on Saturday but I saw him for a while on Sunday at The Scout in the South Loop where we were eating lunch and watching some football (Packers won! Lions lost! We’re the best in the league!) and it seemed like he had a good birthday weekend!

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