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Mexican Pesos, So Much Prettier Than US Dollars

June 1st, 2012 · No Comments

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Coffee Break Espanol

April 20th, 2012 · 1 Comment

A couple years ago I started listening to the Coffee Break Espanol podcast and I revisited it recently before we went to Mexico. I love how the episodes are just about 20 minutes long, just long enough for my train commute. The lessons start off very basic and build. A great way to learn Spanish. The only kind of odd thing about the podcast is that it’s recorded in Scotland and Mark, the teacher, and Kara, the student, both have Scottish lilts to their English! Also, they teach Spain Spanish, not Mexican Spanish. … but still a great resource.

Love the theme song, and you can get the Scottish bit with the haggis reference –

Buenos diaz, how are you
We’ve got something for you
A bit of Spanish you can try
It’s not hard, now don’t you cry
Mas cerveza, por favor
Un cafecito, I want more
No haggis here, I hope that’s fine
Just a bit of Espanol online
Coffee Break Espanol
Coffee Break, you’re in control
Coffee Break, just be resiliant
One in Spanish is dead brilliant
Coffee Break, be prepared
Mark and Kara will take you there
Coffee Break, now you’re on a roll
Coffee Break Espanol

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Katsu-Ya, Cancun

March 23rd, 2012 · 2 Comments


Tuna salad. For appetizers we also had rock shrimp and edamame.

These jalepenos did not make Dallas’s stomach feel better after he ate all of them.

Our food being prepared to cook.

Look at the size of that lobster tail!

Our chef.

Dallas, Rachelle, Damian, Vanessa, Travor, Kate & our chef!

Delicious rice

Grilled veggies

My seafood + the giant lobster tail.


My plate of seafood.

Girls shared dessert.

Guys shared golf stories.

Our flight out of Cancun was very early in the morning. Instead of catching the earliest ferry from Isla Mujeres and getting a shuttle or taxi to the airport and risking getting there in time, we decided to take the ferry the night before and stay over one night in Cancun. That way we’d for sure get to the airport in time and we’d get to see what Cancun was like. Damian, Vanessa, Trevor, Kate, Dallas and I were all in this same boat, so we all did this together.

Since we were still paying for the Ixchel Beach Hotel for that night, we decided just to get a cheap hotel in Cancun, not at one of the resorts. Let me tell you… there is a reason I have no photos of that place. I would just as soon rather forget it! It had to be one of the most horrible hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Let’s just say that I barely slept a wink and had the blankets off and the lights on all night.

But…. what are you gonna do? To make the best of the situation we decided to treat ourselves to a really nice dinner. There were some books in the hotel rooms that showcased Cancun attractions, so we looked over the restaurant section and chose Katsu-ya, a Japanese steakhouse. Leave it to Dallas to find a great Japanese restaurant in the middle of Mexico!

Getting there was a bit of an ordeal.. trying to get a cab from our roach hotel and then trying to tell the cab drivers where we were going.. they acted like they didn’t know where the main tourist/resort areas of Cancun were! But once we were there… ahhhh. We had a great time. Very good food. Relaxing. It was kind of funny to have a the chef at the Japanese steakhouse speaking Spanish and English with a Spanish accent, but he was very good. A nice treat dinner and a great way to spend our last night in Mexico.

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