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M&M Cookies

August 4th, 2012 · No Comments

I adapted my standard chocolate chip cookie and chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipes to make M&M cookies for Memorial Day weekend at the lake house.

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Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake House

May 31st, 2012 · 2 Comments

The Lake House

Sara and Adam playing bags, aka corn hole, aka corn rows (if you are a drunken Christine)


Beer can chicken

Strawberry shortcake

Izze + vodka

Relaxing on the dock

Lake sunset

Neighbors fishing

Simon, aka Saimin

Playing darts in the garage

Brunch at Red School Cafe in Bristol, WI was ok, but not great.

A few of our friends own a lake house on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, about an hour’s drive from Chicago. We spent part of the Memorial Day weekend there on the water, grilling out, playing bags, playing darts and relaxing with friends. At one point we tried to go strawberry picking, but the farm was closed. We had to buy the strawberries for that shortcake at the supermarket. Next time!

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Benefit Beauty Bash

June 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Benefit Boutique

Benefit Boutique

Benefit Cosmetics

We had red wine, white wine, cheese, crackers, and fruit.

Benefit Cosmetics

Janice getting her makeover.

I took a photo of myself in the bathroom after my makeover.

Memory Aid: Some of the products used in my makeover.

Memory Aid: Some of the products used in my makeover.

Jessica after her makeover.

Maria, Jamie, Janice

Maria, Jamie, Rachelle, Jen, Jessica

Quinn’s school had a big fundraiser and Jen “won” a Benefit “Beauty Bash” in the online auction. She got to invite a dozen guests to be treated to an after-hours private party at the Benefit Cosmetics Boutique on Southport Avenue. Benefit served us red and white wine and Jen also brought cheese, crackers, and fruit for us to snack on. Everyone was treated to a complimentary brow shape and lash tint and then the “Beauty Artists” made each of us over.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this party. I was having flashbacks to when I was a teenager and went to Mary Kay or Avon parties. I think they used to give you like teeny, tiny sample packs of things and then everyone just had to try to follow along to the instruction. At Benefit, we all kind of mingled around drinking and eating until it was our turn for the lash or brow services or our turn to personally get our makeup done by someone else. It was so much fun. And I was impressed that so many people were free to attend, given that it was Memorial Day weekend. We had Jen, Caroline, Jamie, Jessica, Janice, another Jen, Maria, Jill, Lynn, Kristin, Abby and me.

I got the brow shaping with threading, not wax. And I loved how my makeup looked after they redid it. I bought a few Benefit products, but definitely not everything. We’ll see if I go on to buy more. I thought the products were of a good quality, I loved the store’s vibe and the product packaging. The prices were not cheap, but also not the most expensive I’ve seen either. One funny thing was that they didn’t use any blush on me because they said I was already perfectly flushed. I think what they were really telling me is that I should drink 3 glasses of wine before leaving the house every day.

Tank Sushi extravaganza!

After we got all dolled up, we all headed to dinner at Tank Sushi in Lincoln Square. Sushi extravaganza! Also, some people kept on with the wine but a lot of us switched to lychee martinis. Multiple lychee martinis!

After dinner, everyone kind of went their separate ways. Jess, Kristin, Lynn, Abby, Caroline and I headed for Tiny Lounge for more cocktails. I was feeling sleepy so I had the espresso cocktail made with handmade vodka, kahlua, tia maria (Jamaican coffee liqueur), espresso and cream. Delicious drink, but I had two and was still sleepy. Maybe it was the fact that the makeup party started at 4, so wine drinking started at 4, and by then it was 10 or 11 pm. Yeh, that’s a lot of cocktails. We ended up calling it a night after 2 rounds, but what a fun time!

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