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Doug and Naoko’s Labor Day Party

August 31st, 2014 · No Comments

Makai trying to play with Eddy, Harmony and Kenji.

Hana, one day older than Makai.

Makai hanging out with the men, who were gathered around the grill

This is the 8th year, by my count, that we’ve gone to Doug and Naoko’s Labor Day barbecue. Last year they didn’t host a barbecue Naoko was very pregnant and had 3 kids running around. Kind of a lot to try to host a big party too! I was also very pregnant. Doug and Naoko’s daughter, Hana, was born one day before Makai! While the big kids* – Tommy, Kenji, Eddy, Vince, Harmony, and others – were off playing Hana and Makai stayed back and played with each other and with the adults. It was supposed to rain but the weather stayed perfect all day. As always, great food and nice to see everyone!

* It feels weird to say Tommy and Vince and the others are the “big kids” but compared to Makai and Hana, they are! Also, Mitch and Chris were there and they’re both teenagers, so maybe not the “biggest kids.”

Doug & Naoko like to have a Labor Day party every year. Here are some photos from years past:

- 2005: we played a lot of horseshoes
- 2006: Jordan brought fresh smoked salmon from Alaska. He’d just been on a trip there.
- 2007: No Party? Or just no photo or post?
- 2008: Lots of kids. First year I noticed that?
- 2009: Also celebrated Aunty Gail’s retirement. One more photo from that year.
- 2010: Doug & Naoko have a new house
- 2011:Two new babies – Eddy and Ty – and Caroline and Danny expecting one more.
- 2012: How did the kids get so big?????

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Isobar* Summer Event

August 23rd, 2014 · No Comments


This is not Oak Street Beach! After our annual meeting this year, we were supposed to head to the beach. The weather was so bad on Thursday and was predicted to be the same on Friday, so Plan B (roof top – with retractable roof at American Junkie) was activated. Of course, that means that Friday was a beautiful, sunny day. It was so humid, though, after so much rain on Thursday, I was glad to be inside.

As always, it was nice to hang out with all my work friends, not in the work setting. I came home early (before 8 p.m.!) because Makai was sick, but it was probably for the best, the way everyone was doing shots of fireball and tequila like it was going out of style! Great night though. Fun day.

*Also note that we are officially Isobar, not Roundarch and not Roundarch Isobar!

Past Roundarch/Roundarch Isobar/Isobar Summer Events:

2013: The Rooftop at Market
2011: Millennium Park (daytime photos, nighttime photos)
2011: Paris Club
2010: Shedd Aquarium (Also celebrating Roundarch’s 10 year anniversary)
2009: Party at the River East Arts Center
2008: Wendella Architectural Boat Tour and dinner/drinks at the Adler Planetarium

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Nineteen Years and Just Like It Was Yesterday!

October 5th, 2013 · No Comments


On Friday, Dallas and I met up with Dallas’s friend Matt, who he had not seen for NINETEEN years! Ever since graduation parties after they graduated high school. For most people, if you hadn’t seen someone for nineteen years, you wouldn’t even bother, but if there’s one thing I learned about Kamehameha Schools, it’s that everyone who went there is friends for life. Especially those who boarded together, away from their friends and families, for years.

Dallas has told me stories of Matt and his wife, who was also in their class at Kamehameha Schools, so it was nice to finally meet him. We met up for dinner at Chicago Cut, one of Dallas’s favorite Chicago steakhouses, for a nice dinner. .. probably my last splurge meal before the baby is born. Matt still hangs out with a lot of Hawaiians where he lives in Portland and I could tell right away because of his pidgin, but by the time we ordered our appetizers, Dallas was right there too.

After dinner, I sleepily headed home with an overstuffed belly, but Dallas and Matt met up with friends downtown for a late night of drinking and reminiscing. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Matt and his wife again next year at their 20 year Kamehameha Schools high school reunion! If not, I’m hoping that it will not be another 19 years before we see Matt again!

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