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Doug & Naoko’s Labor Day Party

September 4th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Yesterday we went to Doug & Naoko’s annual Labor Day barbecue. Dallas and I hadn’t seen the Chicago suburbs family since New Years Day! Actually, Aunty Gail was at our wedding, but everyone else… it had been a long time. I don’t know how 8 months flew by, but it was good to see everyone.

Heather & Tyler, Rachelle & Eddy

It was not so long ago that Heather’s kids were the youngest in the family. SO not the case these days. Her oldest Chris is the same age as my niece Stephanie: 15. Her younger boy Mitch is 12 (I think?). I remember saying something to Chris about “when you were 9 blah blah blah.” Then thinking “9? no way!” But it’s true. I have known those kids, this family, for more than 7 years now.

At the barbecue, I met the two newest members of the family. Tyler is Brad and Amanda’s baby and is one month old. Eddy is Doug and Naoko’s youngest and is 8 months old.

Aunty Glenna, Cory, Caroline, Naoko, Rachelle, Aunty Laura, Amanda, Heather

Many of the ladies of the family. Aunty Glenna is celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary with Uncle BB today and is a brand new grandmother. Cory is moving to Vail in a month or two. Her husband Chris is already there. Caroline is pregnant and due February 10th. Naoko has 3 sons – Tommy is 5, Kenji is 2, and Eddy is 8 months. Me, newlywed. Aunty Laura is expecting her second grandchild in February. Everyone thinks it will be a boy. All of the kids of that generation are boys (except 1? Kate?) Amanda just had baby Tyler a month ago. Heather likes to hold babies (holding baby Tyler in this photo).

Sal, Brad, Danny

A bunch of the guys golfed all day. Aunty Gail was with them too. I heard she was the best golfer of the bunch. Probably the most sober too. Coincidence? After golfing I found a bunch of the guys standing around by the grills. Typical. Danny will forever be the designated grill chief now. They know he worked in a vegetarian restaurant, right?

Caroline, Aunty Laura, Aunty Glenna, Cory, Heather, Tyler, Amanda (hiding behind flowers), Aly, Aly’s boyfriend, Naoko manning the stove

From the grill area I took this spy cam photo of the kitchen. I think only Aly saw me!

In the living room Ghostbusters was on. I thought this was a perfectly innocent movie, but the kids started getting all riled up saying there were ghosts in the basement and running after each other acting like ghosts. Some parents were worried their kids were going to have nightmares. A while later the TV was switched to college football.

Another shot of the living room. I can count about 10 kids in this photo. There were even more at the party. See what I’m saying about Mitch and Chris not being the kids any more? In this photo of my first Labor Day BBQ at Doug & Naoko’s there are 3 kids. Joey and Marietta’s two girls and baby Vince (Matt & Jen). If you add on Chris and Mitch, that’s 5. That number has at least tripled, I think. Well, and it’s not all family. Doug and Naoko’s friends have a lot of kids now too.

Even though there were 8 kids on the couch, Dallas and Sal still caught some ZZZZs. Not when Charlotte (Sal & Kim’s) took a liking to Dallas though. She’s the girl laying down on the right side of the photo with the navy and striped dress on. I was sitting out in the screen porch and every time I looked into the living room she was climbing on his shoulders, putting a stuff animal on his head, sticking her fingers in his face, etc. Once she was even giving him a back massage. Who’s this girl?!?! hhaha. Dallas said that Charlotte was calling him Uncle Joey for a while. Because he looks so much like Joey, a tall white blonde. See the 5th photo down, here. When Kim told her to tell Dallas goodbye as they were leaving she said “Bye, Alice!” So funny.

All in all another great barbecue. Noako put out some delicious food, as always! Great to see everyone again.

Doug & Naoko like to have a Labor Day party every year. Here are some photos from years past:

2005: we played a lot of horseshoes
2006: Jordan brought fresh smoked salmon from Alaska. He’d just been on a trip there.
– 2007: No Party? Or just no photo or post?
2008: Lots of kids. First year I noticed that?
2009: Also celebrated Aunty Gail’s retirement. One more photo from that year.
2010: Doug & Naoko have a new house

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Superbowl 40 (Roman Numerals Are Too Confusing)

February 6th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Superbowl, Elgin, IL

Enough Bread for Just a FEW Italian Beef Sandwiches, Elgin, IL

Yesterday for the Superbowl we went to Doug & Naoko’s house to watch the big game on the gajillion-inch flat screen like we did last year. No better way to watch football, right? Also, like last year, Marietta brought Italian beef and the fixin’s from her family’s restaurant. So good. I was disappointed that the Seahawks didn’t win. I still have an affection for Mike Holmgren from his Packers days, but it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

» 2005 Superbowl
» 2004 Superbowl
» 2003 Superbowl
» 2002 Superbowl

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Barbecue at Doug & Naoko’s

September 6th, 2005 · No Comments

Barbecue in Elgin

Dallas Playing Horseshoes, Elgin, IL

Jordan Playing Horseshoes, Elgin, IL

Aunt Glenna, Uncle B.B., Danny, Jordan, Naoko, Doug, Elgin, IL

Vincent, Elgin, IL

I have a lot of photos from the weekend in New York, but haven’t had the time to go through them yet. Yesterday I got into O’Hare and Lori came out and got me so we could go out to Elgin and meet everyone there. Doug & Naoko were having a Labor Day barbecue. Joey brought horseshoes and a tournament began. Dallas & Jordan lost in the first round to their aunts Gail & Glenna, but Cory & I, who have never played before, went all the way to the finals. We were then handed our asses by Joey & Marietta, who had obvs been practicing at home.

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